8 Pancit Canton Combinations You Need to Try at Home

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton is one of the most favorite meriendas of Filipinos, perhaps even on the top of the list for many. And it’s more than just merienda! I mean, how many times have you turned to Lucky Me! Pancit Canton on petsa de peligro days??? Breakfast and lunch na, dinner pa?? Or back in college, when it was your comfort food on long study nights?? Or the childhood snack your mom would prepare for you after playtime outside with the other kids?? (Aw, feels.)

Pinoys love it, and not just because it’s affordable, easy to prepare, and makes us so nostalgic, but come on, admit it. Sobrang sarap nya.

As such a staple item found in most Filipino households, many Pinoys have found ways to get creative with their Lucky Me! Pancit Canton, personalizing it and making it their own. We wanted to know the different ways people like their Lucky Me! Pancit Canton and what they pair it with, so we asked members of our community, WIM Squad, “How do you prepare your Lucky Me! Pancit Canton?” and their responses were pretty great.

Here below are 8 Lucky Me! Pancit Canton combinations you need to try at home, as suggested by members of our WIM Squad Facebook community!

8. Gawin mong sandwich

“Back in college, before every class during tipid days I’d always go to that one stall that served pancit canton with a side of monay and fried egg. You were supposed to put the canton inside the bread and top it with the egg like a sandwich! 

-Sam Beltran, Journalist

Put the Lucky Me! Pancit Canton inside the monay and top it with egg, sandwich-style. Perfect for breakfast!

7. Just say cheeeez 😀

“With [cheese spread]!!!!!”

-Anj Rodriguez, Managing Editor

Pour the cheese spread on top of your Lucky Me! Pancit Canton like you would on your nachos for a cheesy experience. Yum.

6. Yung pwede nang pang-ulam

“With half-boiled egg and a small can of corned tuna. Ughh, now im craving for it! 

-Dale Palisoc, Blogger

For nights you can’t be bothered to prepare dinner. But admit it, this sounds really good.

5. Put patatas

“Pancit canton with rice and fried strips of patatas (homemade fries lol)”

-Wowie Lagman, Online Writer

Because everything is better with fries, tbh.

4. Add your favorite meat!

“With Hotdogs 

-Arles Sanchez, Marketing Guy

For when you need a little something heavy to go with your Lucky Me! Pancit Canton.

3. This combo we’ve all tried before

“Lagi pong may partner na kanin. Hahaha!”

-Charmaine Belza, Certified Public Accountant

Because rice is life, yo.

2. This very important life hack

“With crushed [potato chips]. Barbecue flavor. Hahahahhahahahhaha”

-Loise Arreza, Graphic Designer

The crushed potato chips add texture and crunch, while the barbecue flavor adds a nice spice to the mix. We promise this is next level good!!

1. The oldie but goodie <3

“Pancit canton and pandesal pa rinnnn”

-Tiffany Tolones, Online Writer

And lastly, the classic. The old Lucky Me! Pancit Canton and pan de sal combination will always be a favorite.

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How about you? How do you prepare your Lucky Me! Pancit Canton? What do you like pairing it with? Let us know in the comments!

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