Reasons Why Lucky Me! Pancit Canton is a Pinoy Favorite

I don’t know a Filipino soul who hasn’t stocked up Lucky Me! Pancit Canton at one point in their life. In fact, you may have it in your kitchens right now.

We all have our share of stories with our merienda favorite, but we compiled the most we can relate to:

4. It’s our go-to for family bonding at home.

04Lucky MeLucky Me!

Aren’t we always G for Pancit Canton after siesta? How many packs do you cook?

3. It’s our life saver when we’re a bit lazy to cook.

04Heart WaftLucky Me!

Or maybe when you’re just craving it.

2. It’s our takbuhan when it is already petsa de peligro.

04Luis revisedLucky Me!

Isn’t the struggle real? Counting the days before the next sweldo, 3.2.1.

1. It was your college thesis buddy and maybe your OT partner right now.

04College revisedLucky Me!

Weren’t those long and sleepless nights just more bearable with our favorite pancit canton?

As if we have not had enough memories with Lucky Me! Pancit Canton yet, commuters chosen at random may get lucky on April 30 as a surprise awaits us. Yaaaaaay!!!

Share your stories in the comments and you might just get a surprise from Lucky Me! 😉