8 Kinds of Pedestrians You’ll See on the Street

Driving a car in the Metro can be pretty tiring. And with the heavy traffic that’s everywhere, you need to entertain yourself in all ways possible.

The next time you’re behind the wheel of your car, why not get a windshield perspective of the pedestrians crossing the street? It’s fun, gives you more awareness, and doesn’t really distract you nor compromise your safety, like a mobile phone does.

8 Kinds of Pedestrians You’ll See on the Street

8. Chillin’ Like a Villain

8 Kinds of Pedestrians 1

Slow and sassy walkers who find crossing the street a leisurely thing to do. Do they think they’re walking on the moon? They’re taking their sweet time with little or no regard of the pedestrian signals. It’s almost as if there are no cars about to pass by. If you happen to see someone who seems to be Chillin’ Like a Villain (cue the Descendants 2 song), there’s an 80% chance you’ll have to remind them that they are, in fact, crossing a street.

7. The Runner

8 Kinds of Pedestrians 2

Late for class? Chasing the store’s closing hours? Or perhaps running away from a “hangry” girlfriend? We don’t know, and we will never know. This is the complete opposite of those Chillin’ Like a Villain. You’ll see the Runner about to cross the street, and by the time you shift your gear to neutral, the Runner has already sprinted away from the street, going to who-knows-where.

6. Gadget Zombie

8 Kinds of Pedestrians 3

Facebook-loving or Ranked Game players who cannot and will not look away from their phones! The Gadget Zombies sense no danger even when crossing the street. These people make you want to blow the horn so hard to put their mind back to the real world.

5. Role Models

8 Kinds of Pedestrians 5

There may be annoying pedestrians, but there are still good ones. The role models cross the street in proper fashion – they carry a good pace, look to both sides to ensure safety, and give the drivers a slight nod to signal their thanks. These pedestrians are rare; so when you see them, appreciate!

4. Lovers

8 Kinds of Pedestrians 6

Because it doesn’t matter when or where, the lovers will always stick close to each other and not apart. You’ll have different views of the lovers from the driver’s seat. Some give major PDA, and some just do a typical HHWW. Either way, too much lovey dovey stuff while crossing the street might just make you cringe.

3. Fashionistas

8 Kinds of Pedestrians 7

When Marc Jacobs said that life is a fashion show and that the world is a runway, a handful of people sure picked up on that. They have the outfit to match and shopping bags by batch, and that does make for an interesting view. You go, girl!

2. The Priorities

8 Kinds of Pedestrians 8

This is the group composed of PWDs, senior citizens, pregnant women, and little kids who might need extra assistance! Ideally, the Priorities should always be on the safe side of the road when crossing the road. Make sure your level of patience and understanding are high when they’re on the street.

1.The Mixed Bunch

8 Kinds of Pedestrians

If you need a one-time refresher on all types of pedestrians, you’ll find the Mixed Bunch quite entertaining. The group is definitely mixed, with those Chillin’ Like a Villain, Runners, Gadget Zombies, Role Models, Lovers, Fashionistas and the Priorities.

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You know the drill! The next time you’re driving, STOP for a pedestrian, and IDENTIFY what kind they are!