8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions – Do You Believe Any of Them?

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions – Do You Believe Any of Them?

When in Manila, you can learn about Filipino culture by tasting authentic dishes and embarking on famous tourist spots.  But, wait!  There’s more!

Superstitions are urban legends our ancestors have embedded into us. Each culture has their own set of superstitions. These irrational beliefs make us unique from other cultures since we believe and practice them.  Some of these are coincidental, which make them more epic.  Want to know what they are? Okay, here we go:

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions – Do You Believe Any of Them?


8. Do not clean the table while someone is still eating. Otherwise, they might end up single for life.

Filipinos are family-oriented people; hence, dining together with the fam bam is usually the highlight of the day. Leaving the table dirty and while someone’s still eating is actually a rude gesture. Therefore, cleaning it up while someone’s still eating is considered bad manners rather than a superstition. On a personal note, my yaya used to do this to us before, but we didn’t end being single. In fact, we are all happily married!

8 Humorous Filipino SuperstitionsThis superstition doesn’t work in fine-dining restaurants. Usually, the waiters/waitresses clear the table to serve the next course.


7. Breech-born people are usually good masseuses. They can also cure people with fish bones stuck in their throats.

While it brings discomfort to most of us, the best way to get rid of fish bones in our throats is to either drink a cup of water or eat something more solid like a ball of rice, a slice of banana, or Maltesers and yell, Darna!  I am suhi (Tagalog term of breech) and I can’t even cure myself! In fact, I already have a phobia of eating fish since I’ve gotten fish bones stuck in my throat a billion times!


8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions

If you swallow this, it’s time for you to go to the hospital. Sheesh!


6. When you drop a spoon, expect a female visitor. If you drop a fork, expect a male visitor.

Now, this is something. The first time I heard about this superstition was when we visited our place in Pagbilao, Quezon.  Our helper dropped a fork and my lola told us to expect a male visitor. Going back, what if I told Lola I dropped 10 forks? Would she say:

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions

5. If a neighbor gives you food, don’t wash the plate when you give it back. This will wash away all of the blessings.

No problem at all! It saves me water and dishwashing liquid! This just happened to me last week. A nice neighbor gave us a plate of pancit and when I was about to wash the plate, she yelled, “No! You’re throwing blessings down the drain!”  In my mind, “Okay, then, handle your biz!”

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions

4. Do not cut your fingernails at night. You’ll get into an accident if you do.

What about toenails? Is it safe to cut toenails at night? This is funny because I actually follow this superstition! However, my sister doesn’t and she cuts her nails at night! So far, so good!

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions


3. Moles on different parts of the body signal different meanings. A mole on the palm means you are a big spender. A mole near the lip means you’re talkative. A mole on the sole means you like going to different places (lakwatsera).

Moles are benign skin lesions, which are usually black or brown in color.  They usually occur when cells grow in one area rather than throughout the skin. Hence, they have no relevance to someone’s personality. I don’t have a mole on my palm, but I still spend a lot! 

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions

2. Don’t give a pair of shoes or a handkerchief to anyone this Christmas because the person who will receive it will eventually walk away or cry over you.

Others say you have to give someone a coin when this happens, so it looks like you bought the shoes or the handkerchief from the giver.

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions

 If you give me this, I will  be more than happy to give you a nickel!


1. In relation to 2, if you don’t like the idea of someone leaving you, you might want to give them a belt: to “tighten” your relationship.

I.Don’t.Believe.It. (To each his own).

8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions


Please be guided accordingly.

These superstitions are funny, but, for some reason, they sometimes make sense, don’t they?  Do you know of any funny superstitions? Sharing is caring!

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8 Humorous Filipino Superstitions – Do You Believe Any of Them?


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