8 Awesome Star Wars Fandom Manifestations

The Force Awakens very soon and generations of Star Wars fans all over the globe are preparing for this phenomenon before Christmas! The Star Wars franchise is known for its legendary fan base. Here are some of the amazing and creative ways fans have shown their love for the series.


8 Awesome Star Wars Fandom Manifestations


8. Vader Glow in the Dark Force Shirt

Care for a Glow in the Darth shirt to go with your garb? One of the best ways to welcome the new Star Wars episode aside from wearing a full Darth costume is by glowing like a saber – literally. There are a lot of creative t-shirts inspired by Star Wars such as this design offered by Think Geek.



Image Source: Think Geek Store (c)


7. Star Wars Emojis

Twitter just recently rolled out Star Wars emojis to make sure that the Force be with your tweets. There are also rumors that there will be more emojis to be shown nearing the month of the film’s official release date. Right now, you can find the following emojis in the roster: C3PO, Stormtrooper, and BB8, the newest droid which is actually a real-life robot!



Image Source: Twitter Blog (c)


6. Telnet Star Wars

Hardcore Star Wars geeks who like tinkering with the command line/terminal may find it interesting to know that you can watch the entire Episode 4 movie in moving text format. Just type telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl and you will be in for a real visual treat. It also has subtitles for consumption.




Image source and complete instructions: Instructables (c)


5. Baby’s Yoda Knitted Hat

Mommy knitters are all over the Internet with the Star Wars fever, as well. If you want to make your own knitted Yoda hat, it’s already available online in blogs like Fuzzy Cloud Designs.

 yoda-hat-ravelryImage Source: Ravelry (c)


4. Intergalactic Investor Trade with Disney’s IPO

This is not exactly a creation, but it shows that even in the category of finance, the Force has proven to be strong enough. Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise boosted their net value by $2 million. 🙂 To borrow from Yoda-speak: “Invest in Disney, we should.”


3. Shakespearian Star Wars

“Verily, A New Hope.” You’d be a real wordsmith and Stormtrooper if you dig this thing. Believe it or not, there is a MASHUP of Shakespeare and Star Wars. It’s a hypothetical and daring book by Ian Doescher that explores Shakespeare’s writing and intersperses it with the Star Wars plot – a real collector’s item for hardcore Star Wars fans. It’s real fan fiction taken to the next level. 




2. Star Wars Coffee Paintings

Want to be a coffee Picasso jedi? Master Maria Aristidou did amazing coffee paintings of the Star Wars characters and uploaded them on Youtube and Instagram. 


Screengrab of Darth Vader from @ma_aris Instagram account

1. Sphero DIY BB8 Droid

Fans went crazy over this new level of being a Star Wars fan. For $150, you can literally take home the Star Wars BB8 mini-droid in a DIY kit format soon. 



Image from Sphero’s Official Site (c)


Apart from these eight, there are surely countless others out there worth checking out. 🙂 Feel free to share your own finds through the comment section below and let’s spread the love for Star Wars in this galaxy! 😉


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