7th HIGH “DISCOFIED” 2ND ANNIVERSARY – Disco like there’s tomorrow!



When in Manila, please have a disco, party and dancin’ like there’s still tomorrow!

 When in Manila, you better check out Bonifacio Global City (BGC) some times. BGC is a rising  posh nigh life hub in the metro. One of the upscale high-end night life venues recently groves into disco in an all-night party, its Seventh High’s 2nd Anniversary. Seventh High celebrates their anniversary themed as DISCOFIED w/ the beat from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and techno-music!

Arriving into the venue, all things are up and ready to party. There are different tables for specific circles as the celebration is strictly an invite only party. There are tables for bloggers, the media, sponsors, celebrities and personalities. 

 Bouncers, security, greeters, happy hosts are all ready to welcome everyone whose coming in. As i get in, a very friendly person serving food & drinks chat we me the in’s and out’s of the place. Allan, as he introduce himself promises to serve me food and all I wanted only if I call him. Also ’twas great to talk to Zid, a really nice party guide of the place!


I get to tour the place as i arrive early then. One at a time party-goers arriving in droves in their impressive-fashionable apparel.

Minutes   before anything starts to dance in tune, I get to sneak into the green room. The APEX lounge become a holding room for performers, artists, DJ’s and hosts. Okay, don’t miss to photograph GLITTERS,  NYOY VOLANTE, ADDLIB, CLUB MWAH, and etc.

On the corner, I spotted Nyoy Volante editing somethin on his laptop. We get to converse on anything. He disclose some details on what’s upwith him lately. His upcoming album and music video is coming out soon, and in fact by the moment we are talking he is also editing their upcoming music video. Nyoy says he is flexible in all music genres though still he is heavily famously known as an acoustic artist. He introduces me to his manager and bandmate, Paolo. Paolo says that on valentines and Christmas season they are almost fully-booked. Paolo is also playin the keyboard on the band and re-tells me the story on how they get to form the band. They were friends way back then on De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Also, Nyoy himself do the video editing-directing and all since its really his passion on their upcoming release. So yeah, its something we should watch out for. 

As the anniversary celebration is starting to roll in The Glitters opens it up in a hype  memorable songs, with familiar tune and grove. Also, am watching out on ADDLIB, very cool dancers and cute. Their moves were like crazy and up-beat, so cool indeed!

In the Middle of the party, some known celebrities are coming in… and yeah its good to see Fabio Ide again. Some persons I’ve spotted were Ruffa Gutierrez, Miriam Quiambao, Fabio Ide, Michelle Madrigal, Gwendolyn Ruais, Bubbles Paraiso, RnB singer Jay-ar and maybe more. Also, did have some time to chat with Mario Dumaual, an ABSCBN showbiz insider and his video-editing man! 

Ruffa and Fabio and company are asking for some photo taking but then my flash malfunction coz the lights are so dim. Good thing, the in-house photographer friend is on to the rescue, James Ko. James is really a good guy that day as we chatted and became friends! He’s cool and easy to approach too!

After the dancin and grovin to the tunes of the  70’s, 80’s, 90’s, the DJ’s are up next with the techno-music. As the DJs tunes in their music mix, popular beats of Katty Perry, Nicky Minaj, Justine Bieber, Bruno Mars now fills the air. People then dance to the Disco like there’s no tomorrow.

When in Manila, you have to know there’s still tomorrow after all the disco. Like after all the party, dancin and ear-poppin music, you got to ask ourselves what’s next? May you have a clean party everyone, and please don’t drink too much and get wild… there’s still a bright future  ahead of you! 

Seventh High is located at  7th Ave. Bonifacio Global City,  Taguig  City.

7th HIGH “DISCOFIED” 2ND ANNIVERSARY – Disco like there’s tomorrow!


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