7107 IMF: What to Wear and Bring to an Outdoor Music Festival

7107 IMF: What to Wear and Bring to an Outdoor Music Festival

When in Manila, it is practically impossible for you not to have heard of the 7107 International Music Festival. Well, guess what? The week of 7107 IMF is finally upon us and we are beyond excited!!! Are you?

If this is your first time at an outdoor music festival, though, you might be worried about doing something wrong. I’ve had my fair share of music festivals gone wrong, from losing friends in the crowd and not being able to find or contact them to getting a bad sunburn to going home early because of painful feet to dehydration. So, to help you avoid all of the unnecessary problems that music festival life can bring, we have come up with the ultimate guide for you.

7107 IMF: What to Wear and Bring to an Outdoor Music Festival

What to Wear

– Comfortable Shoes 

Comfortable shoes are an absolute must when it comes to music festivals since you will be on your feet most of the time. Aside from standing most of the time, you will most probably be walking around and jumping up and down, too, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Ideally, this would mean wearing your most trusty pair of sneakers, sandals or flip flops.

However, comfort doesn’t mean you have to be boring, either. If your  main goal is to look stylish or even if you want bring forth a boho chic vibe for the festival, you can fortunately find a lot of cute yet comfy shoes to wear to fit your needs out there, as well.

Check out other Poppy Red styles here.

No matter what, steer clear of wedges, stilettos and any other form of high heels (I have sprained an ankle wearing wedges to a concert once because I thought the added height would give me a better view. DO NOT DO THIS. If you need a better view, get a friend to carry you on his back. Or, you know, just move around and push your way through the crowd to get one. All is fair in music and war, I always say… but don’t hurt anyone! And be courteous when ladies are involved. Ahem.)

– Minimal Clothing 

While it would definitely be advisable to wear clothing that is loose, comfortable, light and as barely there as possible; let me just clarify that I do not mean you should dress provocatively. Having said that, tank tops and shorts are all welcome, as are cute summer dresses and the like.

VRTX Band shirts are a plus! Don one for your favorite band of the day if you have one!

The band shirt above is from VRTX.


I’d also advise to keep the makeup and the accessories to a minimum, although sunglasses would be advisable if you plan on heading out during the afternoon.

– Get Crazy

Music festivals are also a great time to get crazy with your friends, so have some fun! Wear color-coordinated clothes, for example, or don some masks, floral crowns, costumes, face paint or glow-in-the-dark accessories to get the happy mood going the minute you head to the festival.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2013

Okay, maybe not get as crazy as wearing Halloween-worthy costumes, but a foam finger would be a fun thing to bring, in my opinion. :p

What to Bring

– A Phone and a Charger

Everybody needs to bring a phone – no excuses. Phones are very important for you to have, so you can stay in touch with your group. Plus, they double as cameras, so you won’t have to bring an actual camera anymore. On that note, make sure you have credit before going to the festival. Bring a charger, too – preferably a portable one.

Zaggsparq chraging iPod

Read our review on this Zaggsparq charger here.

If you don’t have a reliable portable charger, though, fret not. 7107 IMF will have charging stations for you to run to when you need it. How awesome is that? 🙂

Before heading to the festival, make sure you have a Plan B anyway, though – just in case someone gets separated, runs out of battery, loses their phone (let’s hope not, though!), etc. Write down important phone numbers, too, so you can borrow a phone from a stranger and get in touch with your friends if you absolutely need to. On that note: if you are the stranger, please lend your phone to people in need. 🙂

– Money

Naturally, you will need to bring money, too. And by money, I mean cash, not cards. You will need money to buy water and food throughout the day/night. Music festivals are almost like a workout, so you have to stay hydrated (water) and happy (food).

– Things to Battle the Heat 

While it would be advisable to tie a light cover-up around your waist during a music festival in case it rains, it is much more likely for it to get extremely hot, what with the weather being what it’s like in the Philippines. So, bring some sunblock, a pamaypay or one of those battery-operated mini-fans if you’re cool enough to have one, and again: water.


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Other 7107 IMF Tips

– Listen to new music before the festival. 

Who here is going to 7107 IMF for Red Hot Chili Peppers and Red Hot Chili Peppers alone? Well, I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth anyway if that is the case, but why not make the experience even better by getting acquainted to some of the other bands before the festival, as well? I’d highly recommend Empire of the Sun myself, but right now, I’m getting myself acquainted to the local bands on the set list. 🙂

7107 International Music Festival

See the full set list here.

– Buy souvenirs.

No, the wristbands won’t cut it. I mean actual souvenirs. I promise you that you will not regret bringing home something that will forever remind you of the awesomeness that awaits you at 7107 IMF.

– Don’t pretend you know bands that you don’t actually know.

This is my last tip when in Manila. If only to ensure that you don’t end up becoming one of these people:



Have fun and see you there! 🙂



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7107 IMF: What to Wear and Bring to an Outdoor Music Festival

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