Vrtx: The Ultimate Online Shop for Pop Culture Tees

Vrtx: The Ultimate Online Shop for Pop Culture Tees


When in Manila, we always look forward to the holidays.

One of the things we do to prepare for it is choose unique presents for our loved ones. I like to give (and receive! :>) gifts that I know are well-thought of—those that have a personal touch to them. One good place to look for gifts like these is online.

If you’re like me, you might want to try shopping at Vrtx. They sell ‘pop culture tops’ that are always beautifully designed. They have a number of collections you could choose from, like the Mixtape Collection, the Food Collection, the Beach Collection, the Icon Collection, the Animals Collection, and the 90’s ID Collection.

Here are some photos of my favorites.

  1. VRTX


Could it get any more personal than this? You can get your favorite Instagram photos on a shirt! The Instagram filters will definitely create a great effect. And, since Vrtx is an online shop, you can even get the shirts shipped straight to your friends’ houses! Wouldn’t it feel great to open a package on Christmas day, or even on any other occasion, and see a shirt collage of your favorite photos? 

I’m planning to give my friends these shirts with our photos together, and places we all dream of visiting one day. No matter what photos you want to put, though, one thing’s for sure: a gift like this is creative, unique, and definitely well-thought-out. 



Although summer vacation is still ages away, shirts like these have a laid-back, breezy kind of feel–with or without the beach. I’ve always been fascinated with nautical themes because they transform the beach from being a place to be to being a symbol of a simple laid-back lifestyle. Shirts like these remind me of the lifestyle we sometimes struggle to find in the midst of this crazy, fast-paced life. 




When I first saw this photo, I didn’t understand why a pepperoni pizza was being promoted by a clothing brand. I had to read the comments and the captions to understand that the pizza was actually part of a shirt!

This would definitely be the ideal gift for foodie friends. They sell shirts that have huge pictures of feel-good food (burger, fries, and everything nice!) They look so real, it’s hard to tell they’re not food once you fold them and put them on a plate.



Your music lover friends will definitely appreciate the Mixtape Collection as it has an interesting set of bands’ album covers that are hard to come by. Check out our former article on Foster the People here: https://www.wheninmanila.com/foster-the-people-live-the-band-that-made-manila-jump-sing-and-dance/



Give love on Christmas day! This shirt goes beyond the recent typhoon Yolanda, but all the crises the Philippines is and will be facing. And although advocacy-oriented shirts are great because they use fashion to forward an advocacy, I can’t help but notice that this shirt has such a unique design, as well!

For those who aren’t used to buying online because they’re scared that the real thing might not do justice to the photos online, don’t worry! I’ve had negative experiences in the past when I bought white shirts with really cute designs and was disappointed by the quality, but I was really happy with the shirts I got from Vrtx. (So happy, in fact, that I’m already planning to order those Instagram shirts!) Follow @WhenInManila on Instagram, guys! 🙂

I’m surely going to get more Vrtx shirts (both for myself and for my family and friends); but for now, I have the “Kapit Lang Pilipinas” and the “90’s” shirt. 


And that’s me posing awkwardly (but happily!) with my Vrtx shirts

The photos I shared are only a few of their creative shirts. Check out more of their products on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. I’m sure you–and the people you’d give these to–won’t be disappointed.

When in Manila, remember to give gifts that come from the heart and and that ignite creativity.





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Vrtx: The Ultimate Online Shop for Pop Culture Tees

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