7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Favorite Man With

Written by Regina Bumatay.

With Valentine’s Day drawing near, there’s no escape from the dreaded question: “Anong magandang regalo para sa lalaki?” I bet, right at the top of your head, like an automated reply, your response would be to buy him a wallet or panyo. Although it may seem like there’s an infinite spectrum of gift ideas out there, looking for the perfect gift to surprise your special man with isn’t the easiest thing to do. To top it all off, you have to make sure your gift is functional or magagamit, as we would say, which makes gift-hunting a killer.

Having to face that dilemma every special occasion only means having a different tack on gift ideas. How about buying him a watch as a gift? Not only is it functional, but it can complete any look!

Klo & Co is a Filipino luxury watch brand dedicated to making high quality watches with beautiful and original designs without compromising looks over quality or vice versa. Each design is made to complement any personality, whether for athleisure or just to complete a casual look. To help you decide which watch to get, there are various unique designs to choose from their collection. Let me give you a rundown.

First up is the Space Walker, the design of which is inspired by the beauty of outer space. With stars decorating the Hyper Axis dial and an astronaut doing its spacewalk, the Space Walker gives off a youthful vibe while maintaining a classic look that goes with practically any ensemble.

7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Man With

A Journey To Infinity Begins With A Single Step Forward.

If you want to show off your athleisure side, the Silverstone would be the perfect design for you. The display of the watch includes distinct red details that resemble the speedometer feels of sports cars. The racing-inspired model is a tribute to fine automobiles and heart-racing motorsports.

7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Man With

When Finishing The Race Is As Important As Winning It.

The Villamor specifics have a heroic theme. It has an interesting inspiration to start with. The design emulates some details of the P-26 Peashooter, a plane piloted by Jesus Villamor, who defeated a Japanese squad(ron). The heroic act is immortalized in this design, which makes it so much cooler!

7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Man With

Be The Hero You Want to Be.

And then we have the Classics – timepieces with Hyper Axis hands that automatically sweep when worn. They come with a genuine leather strap with sapphire crystal particulars to complete casual and formal looks. To complement different personalities, the piece is available in 4 colorways: Mineral Blue, Frost White, Midnight Black and Rose Gold. Their tagline? For Those Who Only Want The Finer Things In Life, And Are Not Afraid To Get It

7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Man With

Midnight Blue 

7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Man With

Frost White

7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Man With

Midnight Black

7 Watches You Can Surprise Your Man With

Rose Gold

Hopefully, these watches will save you the trouble of figuring out which gift would be the perfect gift to give your man on any special occasion. With watches that boast of being polished from their sleek finish right down to their packaging, you definitely cannot go wrong with a Klo & Co watch.

Klo & Co

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