7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Citizen Jake

Written by: Danelle Go, Giorgia Danga, and Therese Justine Bruel

Even after his 18-year hiatus, director Mike de Leon still has it. His newest masterpiece, Citizen Jake, proves just why indie films are trickling out of obscurity and into the mainstream. This is the kind of movie you just have to watch to understand the buzz around it. If you’re still having reservations on whether or not you should watch this, then we’ll make you a case you just can’t deny!

Here are 7 reasons why you should catch Citizen Jake in the cinemas!

7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Citizen Jake

7. It’s Atom Araullo’s Debut on the Big Screen.

Morning show host, TV reporter, and product endorser Atom Araullo’s face is everywhere (and we’re not complaining). But this time, he takes on the challenge and tries things out on the big screen—not just as a co-scriptwriter, but as the titular actor, as well!

Let’s admit it: we’ve watched him stare into the camera during his brave coverage of a typhoon, and we’ve seen him on more platforms than average. In the film, Atom plays the role of a bold journalist going against his politician father, which isn’t too distant from his real-life job.

6. The Cast is a Powerhouse.

Joining Atom are acclaimed actors of the country. Veteran stage actor Teroy Guzman convincingly portrays his complex character. Gabby Eigenmann effectively evokes anger unto his audience, making him a very effective antagonist. Cherie Gil still does her best at playing a classy, powerful kontrabida. Max Collins is a breakthrough, with Citizen Jake possibly being her best performance to date!

Moreover, the supporting cast—Luis Alandy, Lou Veloso, Nonie Buencamino, Richard Quan and Dina Bonnevie—and their stellar performance made the film even more impactful.   

5. The Plot is Unique and the Script is Very Well-Written.

The movie runs a little over two hours. In that span of time, the writers take the audience on the long and winding story about Jake Herrera, human and flawed, in the face of adversity. The plot weaves together different character arcs, and an endless list of themes and ideas.

Everything about the story is carefully thought out and meant to dive straight into the hearts and minds of viewers. Despite its complexity and unconventional storytelling, it’s not very hard to follow.

4. It’ll Make You Cry.

By virtue of the things it talks about, Citizen Jake is bound to be a heavy film. Coming into this movie, you should already know that it’ll make you cry. I mean, have you seen the poster? It screams of drama! But unlike the usual melodrama of many Filipino films, Citizen Jake doesn’t drag out the bad things for too long. The painful parts are short and quick—and that’s what makes them incredibly impactful. You aren’t given a chance to mourn.

3. You’ll Laugh, Too, Though.

There is a balance. Despite its heavy theme, Direk Mike didn’t forget to add in some fun. There are some very remarkable moments when the film will leave you laughing out loud with the entire theater. Thanks to its quick and intelligent banter, awesome witticisms, and unbelievable amounts of The Godfather references; the movie will have you in stitches—both from joy and pain—by the time the credits roll.

2. The Themes are Highly Relevant.

Citizen Jake bravely tackles so many different issues relevant to the the present-day. From corruption to sexism, there are so many themes and messages that are layered throughout the movie. Though it may seem like a lot, Citizen Jake actually comes together incredibly, making it an engaging, thought-provoking, and an essential film for all Filipinos today.

It also tackles history—no fake news in here! It’s an eye-opener for both the asleep and woke. The film is burning with patriotism, and will definitely ignite your love for the motherland even more.

1. It Will Get You Thinking.

With all the aforementioned themes, it’s needless to say the movie will get you thinking. The characters will make you see things in society that you didn’t think existed. The story will evoke several emotions out of you, and it may even make you question your own beliefs.

But in essence, that is the beauty of the film. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire movie; and by the end of it, you’ll probably want to stand on the edge and fight (for what you believe in)!

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