7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Motorcycle This 2018

Honda Batman Motorcycle

The roads in Manila seem to be getting worse with heavier traffic and the disrepair of public transportation. Because of these factors, many are opting to buy cars. While it may be a wise choice, cars can be expensive to maintain, take up so much space, and require added costs like parking and gas. With all these happening, what’s a Filipino to do?

We have one recommendation: get a motorcycle! If you need a little more convincing, we have 7 reasons why you should get a motorcycle this year:

7. It takes up less space at home

Honda James Bond Motorcycle

Motorcycles are more compact and take up less space than a car. This is the perfect alternative for those who don’t have garages at home. And if you do, one garage can hold two to three motorcycles. If you’re only using one, you can use the rest of the space for your hobbies.

6. It’s more affordable and easier to maintain

Honda Lady Gaga Motorcycle

Motorcycles cost less than cars and are more affordable in the long run. You can use the money you save on other important things like rent, groceries, and bills!

5. It saves on gas

Honda Black Widow Motorcycle

They also use up less gas so you get better mileage at a lower price. Now you no longer need to worry about oil hikes.

4. On parking, too!

Honda Batman Motorcycle

Many malls offer cheaper parking rates for motorcycle riders. Some even offer flat rates for the whole day.

3. It’s also easier to find parking spaces

Honda Xmen Motorcycle

While car owners have to worry about finding parking spaces, motorcycle riders can simply find a safe space to park their bikes in. In malls, there are dedicated slots for bikes that aren’t as crowded as the slots for cars.

2. And it’s cool to drive a motorcycle

Honda Matrix Motorcycle

Imagine this: you’re zooming on your motorbike on an empty street, with your hair blowing in the wind and the sunlight reflecting off your sunglasses. People on bikes are naturally cool so you can be part of the cool club when you have a motorcycle!

1. You experience less traffic!

Honda Top Gun Motorcycle

Because you’re on a motorbike, you experience less traffic because you take up less space and can dodge between cars. As long as you prioritize your safety (and you always have your helmet on), you’ll never be late again.

If you’re thinking of getting a motorcycle, we recommend the all-new Honda RS150R Winning Red. It has superior engine technology and a twin tube frame, which makes riding it a breeze. And it has better fuel consumption for better mileage. The best part? It has a stylish design that’s perfect for Instagram!


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