7 Reasons Why Millennials Should Try Chakra Toning

Words by Glenniedel Terania / Photos by Adavieve Mella

Remember that buzzing energy you feel after listening to a really good song? Or how relaxed you feel after listening to a lullaby? Doesn’t it make you think that sound has some sort of healing power? Well, it does! And this is what I learned when I attended Sound Healer Yeyette San Luis’ Chakra Toning workshop.

It was my first time to attend a Chakra Toning workshop and I couldn’t help but notice that most of the people who attended the workshop were professionals in the medical field. I was the youngest attendee and I have a hunch why. Chakra toning is not something millennials hear about everyday.
They have little to no knowledge about it, and I bet that the only time millennials encounter the term “chakra” is when they watch 
Naruto. In the animated series, chakra is like a “charge” that enables ninjas to perform specific techniques. The more chakra you have, the more powerful techniques you can do.

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Just as how Naruto portrays chakras, chakras in real life are very powerful because they are the organs of the energy body. While the physical body has organs like the heart, liver and kidneys that function to sustain the body; the energy body has chakras that metabolize life force and act like control centers which govern our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual states of health.

And while there are many ways to clear and balance the chakras, sound healing (or toning) is one of the fastest ways to do this. The human voice is the most dependable healing instrument that we have since it is built in. There are times that you may forget to charge your music player, or your phone battery just died, but you  always have your voice. During the workshop, I learned how balancing and clearing blocked chakras through toning can be helpful to fellow millennials.

7 Reasons Why Millennials Should Try Chakra Toning

7. It helps us trust people.

Whether we want it or not, millennials experience trust issues. For some (unidentified) reason, we find it hard to trust people. But trust is an integral foundation of any relationship, and it is important that we trust people. Toning your root chakra can help you with that! When balanced, the root chakra helps us feel grounded, stable, and secure. It makes trusting others easier.

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6. It helps us live passionately.

Millennials always throw around the term YOLO. “You Only Live Once,” they say. But how are you going to enjoy life when there are times when you just feel down? The sacral chakra is all about feelings. When balanced, our feelings flow freely, and we live our lives passionately. YOLO indeed!

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5. It makes us more confident.

Some millennials have low self-esteem. They find it hard to interact with other people, especially if they are in a big group. While others may just consider this as introversion (and there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert), it still pays to have good self-esteem and confidence. Balancing our solar plexus chakra can give us that confidence boost. It also helps us stay focused and in control.

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4. It helps us build better relationships.

Romantic relationships are not the only relationships millennials have. We also value our relationships with our family and friends. With this, toning the heart chakra is important. Located at the heart, the heart chakra is about love, kindness, and affection. If it is balanced, we tend to be more compassionate and friendly. It helps us maintain harmonious relationships with other people.

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3. It helps us expressing ourselves better.

Find communicating hard? Some millennials find it hard to talk to other people; and sometimes, it is not just about being shy or not having the right words. Try toning your throat chakra! The throat chakra is all about self-expression. With a balanced throat chakra, we will have no problem expressing ourselves and striking up conversations with people.

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2. It gives us good intuition.

As millennials, we often get to decide things on our own. Decisions are a big responsibility, though; and sometimes, we just don’t know what to do. To give us better decision-making skills, toning the third eye chakra can be helpful. A balanced third eye chakra helps our insights and visualizations.

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1. It gives us wisdom.

As millennials, we sometimes feel disconnected (not just in social media, but also in real life). We often feel isolated and disconnected from everything. By working on our crown chakra, we start to understand our own space and purpose. It helps us have a clearer sense of who we are.

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So, there you have it: 7 reasons why you should try chakra toning yourself! Tag someone who needs to try this! 

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