7 Must-Haves for an Instagram-Perfect Summer

Going on a trip this summer? If you’ve been buried with work for quite a while and waited for this summer vacation for so long, you should definitely reward yourself and make the most of it! Now that the most awaited season is here, you just have to make sure that you’re always camera-ready. We compiled these must-haves for an Instagram-perfect summer vacation! Have you packed your bags yet? Don’t forget to bring these summer essentials…


7 Must-Haves for an Instagram-Perfect Summer

7. Cute Swimwearsummer5

Whether you worked hard on that summer body or not, the key to looking cute in swimwear is finding the right one for your body type. Find the perfect bikini or onesie for you at Sun’s Out Buns Out (@SOBOswimwear)!

summer 1

Whichever swimwear you choose, the important thing is that you’re comfortable in it, so that you can wear it with confidence.

You may also pre-order trendy ones like this one from Mesmeraize PH (@mesmeraizeph).

6. Trendy Sunglasses


Protect your eyes from too much sun with these sunglasses! They’re handcrafted and locally made from bamboo and wood. Get yours at Wodd PH (@woddph)!

5. Summer-Themed Phone Cases


Turn your mobile phone into an accessory with summer-themed cases! These tropical-inspired designs are from Felicita (@shop.felicita) in collaboration with Moonshine Cases & Grips (@shopmoonshineph).

4. Comfortable OOTDs


Take a break from your usual uptight clothes and jump into casual and comfortable clothes from Mesmeraize PH (@mesmeraizeph) this summer. There’s no dress code when you’re on vacation; it’s time to show off some skin!

3. Convenient Bags


If you’re going on tour, then you’ll need a hassle-free bag to carry all your necessities. What better way to handle this but with a fanny pack from Lucida (@wearlucida)? These chic bags are also made in the Philippines.


If you’re going for a swim on the beach, you can pack your stuff inside this fancy bayong. You can get your own “bayongciaga” from Cartel HQ (@cartel.hq)!

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2. Comfy Slippers


Avoid overpacking by wearing slippers you can use everywhere – from the airport to the beach and back! Besides, you should always leave space for pasalubong! These comfy slippers are available in different colors; find one that suits your personality at Cartel HQ.

1. A Summer Glow/Tan


Want an extra glow under the sun or a tint of summer on your skin? Check out the Golden Trio from Love Brown (@lovebrown_ph) or try their new Sun Glow natural tanning and body oil! These products are locally made and inspired by Filipina beauty.

We all need to take a break once in a while and vacations are the moments we live for. Sure, it’s the “summer experience” that counts; but these little things will make you a little bit more excited and get you photos you’ll love to look back on. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit extra this time; you know you deserve the special treatment for working hard all year. 😉

What are your top 3 summer destinations? Share them with us!