7 Fierce and Fashionable Korean Female Leads We Love

Fierce female characters are often misunderstood at first glance. However, the more you get to know them, you will see that like a rose, they usually just wear their thorns as armor to protect themselves. Whether it’s razor-sharp wit or jaw-dropping fashion, they know how to make a statement and stand out. Here are 7 sharp-witted women with even more sharp fashion sense ruling our screens in Korean dramas today.

7 Fierce and Fashionable Korean Female Leads We Love

7. Kang Sa-ra in ‘Beauty Inside’

Lee Da hee

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

In the beginning, Kang Sa-ra comes off a little bratty and entitled. Her tough exterior developed from her feelings of awkwardness with her family. She has an antagonistic relationship with her stepbrother Do-jae because she’s striving to take over his position in the family company. A real badass boss with great outfits, she eventually falls in love with a man who plans on becoming a priest and becomes adorably lovey-dovey.

6. Jo Yi-seo in ‘Itaewon Class’

Kim Da mi

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Jo Yi-seo is a very strong and expressive character, being described as a sociopath. She’s highly intelligent and isn’t afraid of calling out people. Her blunt words don’t win her many friends, but she remains deeply devoted to Park Sae-ro-yi. Befitting her badass personality, Jo Yi-seo’s style is mostly black and edgy. Due to her love for Park Sae-ro-yi, Yi-seo learns to care about other people beyond herself. She gradually becomes closer to her co-workers and they become a close-knit family.

5. Weol-ju in ‘Mystic Pop-Up Bar’

Hwang Jung eum

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Weol-ju has to help 10,000 humans with their grudges in order to atone for her past crimes. This is a tough task for her because she has a grudge against humans for what they did to her when she was alive. She makes biting comments as she somewhat reluctantly works on fulfilling her quota. Weol-ju’s fashion includes a lot of traditional and modern hanboks. She also sometimes mixes up hanboks with modern clothes. While jaded, Weol-ju has moments of kindness when she empathizes and cares for others.

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4. Seo Dan in ‘Crash Landing on You’

Seo Ji hye

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Seo Dan is very guarded. She grew up wealthy with a single mother and a close uncle. Love her beautiful hair clips! While engaged to Ri Jeong-hyuk, she experiences one-sided love. When she meets Gu Seung-joon, she’s wary and doesn’t trust easily. Her mean comments and tough front don’t fool Gu Seung-joon, though. Seo Dan remains cool and confident despite all of the obstacles until the very end.

3. Yoon Se-ri in ‘Crash Landing on You’

Son Ye jin

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Born into an extremely wealthy family, Yoon Se-ri had a tough upbringing due to being considered an illegitimate child. Constantly feeling like an outsider within her own family and dealing with her competitive older half brothers, the heiress develops a hard-shelled persona to protect herself. In the show, she wears a lot of luxe dresses and structured suits. Once she’s stranded in North Korea and dependent on Ri Jeong-hyuk, Se-ri gradually softens as she begins to trust her new comrades. Her fashion also softens as she adjusts to North Korea. Once aloof and alone, Se-ri becomes warm and gains many friends.

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2. Jang Man-wol in ‘Hotel del Luna’


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Beautiful but moody, Jang Man-wol begrudgingly takes care of a hotel for the dead due to her crime of killing many people. She’s materialistic and enjoys expensive fashion and items, so it makes sense why she has so many gorgeous looks in each episode! Often cold and bad-tempered, Man-wol is unable to let go of her past grudges until she meets Gu Chan-sung. Later, she changes for the better after she is able to come to terms with her past and move on.

1. Ko Mun-yeong in ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’

Ko Mun yeong

Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Ko Mun-yeong is the latest feisty woman in the K-drama scene. The popular children’s book author specializes in dark fairytales and is described as having an anti-social disposition. She likes sharp knives and has a sharp tongue. Mun-yeong doesn’t hold back from expressing her thoughts freely, no matter the consequences. She loves bold fashion, especially black clothing, but she’s affected by a traumatic childhood. While experiencing love and healing, Mun-yeong’s sharp barbs slowly change.

Whether it’s impeccable fashion sense or snappy comebacks, these women know how to be true to themselves and capture our hearts with their refreshing honesty and courage to be different. Who’s your favorite Korean fashionista?

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