7 BFFs Buy a Huge House They Can ‘Retire and Die in’ Together

Remember when we found out that hanging out with our BFFs could increase our lifespans? Well, these best friends took it to heart and are now living together in a huge house somewhere in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in China.

According to Nextshark.com, the seven friends in southeastern China purchased their dream home after making a pact to retire and die together in the future. Talk about a ride or die, am I right?

Their dream house, which is situated some 70 kilometers away from the city center, is a whopping 700-square meters big. It has three-and-a-half stories and is set in the hills. According to Shanghaiist, it took about 4 million yuan (around 30 million pesos!) to buy and renovate the house.

The 7 ladies and their huge house!

The first floor is reserved as a communal space where they can live with each other. The second floor is where the private rooms are. The girls have also created a pavilion in the middle of the field outside of their house where they can enjoy tea together.

Based on the video (which you can watch below), the girls live in their huge house with their families, as well. They said that even after their children grow up, they wish to stay in the house and ultimately retire there.

If that isn’t friendship goals, I don’t know what is!

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You can see more of the ladies’ house in this video:

Would you live in a house with your best friends, too? 


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