These Friends Bet Php25,000 That They Could Lose More Weight Than the Other

We all know that struggle of wanting to lose weight and just not having the motivation to do so. Well, these two guys seem to have found the perfect motivation: money! Basically, these two friends decided that whoever would lose the most weight in one month would win Php25,000 from their contender. Francis Angeles tells us more about it:

Francis Angeles from BF Homes Paranaque is the General Manager of the Village Sports Club, owner of Kids in Charge Preschool in BF Resort Village, and part owner of some branches of Anytime Fitness. He did the mukhang pera fitness challenge with Dang Alamazan, while their good friend Olyn Kim served as their judge to ensure that everything was done fair and square. Olyn made sure they submitted the checks to make the challenge real, for example, and she also kept the checks safe for the winner.

Francis Angeles weight loss 1

Francis shares that he and Dang had been struggling with their weight for the past three years due to health issues, and were feeling very demotivated in their ill-fitting clothes. It turns out the only motivation that they needed was this challenge that they made. Their friends Olyn Kim and Lei Varona served as their motivators, calling them up to remind them of how big the cash prize is.

Francis Angeles weight loss 2

In the end, they calculated the winner through body fat percentage. Here are the results:

Francis Angeles weight loss 4Francis’ Starting Weight: 224.6 lbs / Final Weight: 196.6 lbs

Total weight lost: 28 lbs / Total body fat percentage lost: 12.5%

Francis Angeles weight loss 3

Dang’s Starting Weight: 127.1 lbs / Final Weight: 112.5 lbs

Total weight lost: 14.6 lbs / Total Body Fat Percentage Lost: 11.5%Francis Angeles Weight Loss

Francis won by losing 1% bodyfat more than Dang. What a close fight!

If you’re looking to lose weight, as well, Francis encourages you to find your motivation. He points out, however, that this challenge is particularly motivating since it involves a lot of money. “We were supposed to start with 12,500,” Francis shares, “but Dang insisted with 25,000 so it would hurt more and ensure that we’d take the challenge seriously.”

Francis also points out that having a healthy lifestyle is way better with great friends! “I am lucky to have very supportive friends who encourage us to accomplish our goals.” Even before the weigh-in, Francis told himself that he would be a winner, no matter what. After all, losing 28 pounds is worth spending Php25,000 on. “I’m willing to pay 1k per pound just to be healthy,” he exclaims. Read the original post here:

Francis shares that this is not the end of their weight loss program, either. Dang will be toning up at the Village Sports Club with a personal trainer, while Francis has another contender waiting for him for a “lose weight for Airpods challenge”!

Have you done any similar challenges in the past? Tell us all about it!