Study Says Hanging Out with Your BFFs Can Increase Your Lifespan

A lot of people consider staying at home and binge-watching their favorite TV shows or catching up with Korean dramas as ‘the ultimate rest’. If you’re looking for an explanation and an acceptable reason to get out of the house and hang out with your girls, recent research from the University of Oxford suggests that meeting up with your friends twice a week is good for you!

abay babes lol

According to the study, having a “well-integrated” social network has a big impact on both your emotional and physical health.

In fact, people with a bigger social circle tend to suffer from illness less, and are less likely to die.

The twice a week thing comes from findings that it’s the average amount of time people would typically spend with their friends and family, as reported by Southern Living.


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However, with everyone’s hectic schedules in the Metro, meeting up with friends twice a week could be impossible. Still, it’s good to keep in mind that meeting up does have its benefits.  So schedule that girls (or boys!

) night out, and just spend hours at your favorite tambayan. It’ll make you feel productive and benefit you in the long run!

How often do you usually meet up with your friends?