6 Ways to Build Relationships Online for Lead Generation

You may think that building relationships online has its limitations, but it can actually be very powerful. It’s not much of a secret nowadays how social media can be a great marketing tool for businesses. Most people have become dependent on the Internet, searching for anything and everything they need, and going online is the first step to establishing your existence or ‘putting your name on the map’.

Last Friday, Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com, a Fascinate Certified Advisor and Hubspot Certified in Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, and Content Marketing, shared a few tips on how to build relationships online for lead generation in a Social Media For Lead Generation Boot Camp.

6 Ways to Build Relationships Online for Lead Generation

6. Create relevant content.

Your content may be an article or some graphics related to your product/service – something informative enough for viewers to gain interest. Not everyone in your audience may avail of it right away, but posting regularly could keep you on the top of their minds when the time comes.

5. Send personal e-mails.

While e-mail marketing is also widely practiced by different brands, sending a more personal e-mail will get you out of the spam folder. This way, the receiver will not disregard the message you’re trying to send.

4. Pay attention to private messages.

Catering to inquiries on your website or social media accounts is the fastest way to classify sales lead. You should be able to tell if a client is hot, warm or cold by the questions they pose.

3. Join groups.

Facebook groups provide a space for certain people with shared interests to communicate. Being part of different groups will not just let you target the right market, but will also keep you up-to-date on current events and give you an idea on what’s trending.

2. Collaborate.

Find a way to work with your connections. Dig up those business cards you’ve been collecting and rekindle your relationships with people. After all, it’s the main reason you network in the first place.

1. Share things.

Share something, like an article or an ebook that you think will be useful for someone. These things don’t cost money, but the thoughtfulness and how it affects them will be remembered.

Initiating consumer interest is the very first step in closing a deal and we are surrounded with all the resources we need, we just have to know how to use them. The boot camp also discussed the process of social media presence creation, communicating your unique brand, creating content, generated leads, and push for closure.

It was held at Gather, a co-working cafe, creative space, artisanal shop and events venue at BFRV, Las Pinas. I, along with the other attendees, are glad that these workshops have been brought to the South and look forward to more!

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