6 Tipid Weekend Trips for Around P1,000 with Budget Breakdown + Itineraries!

Words and Featured Image by Kathlene Masilongan

Summer is here and isn’t this the best time to get out of the city? But not all of us will have the funds to just hop on a plane to Palawan or Boracay, so I’ve put together trips that you can make with as little as 1,000 pesos in your pocket!

For the sake of cost sharing, let’s just say that the average size of a barkada is 5 people and that you’re going on a quick overnight trip. Of course, it goes without saying that the more people you have with you, the easier on your wallet these trips will be. Also, take note that this doesn’t include your would-be food budget because that one’s on you!

But here are 6 quick and tipid weekend trips you can do with your friends!

6. Masasa Beach, Batangas

You know what would really make a trip feel like an actual adventure? A boat ride. You have to take a whole 45-minute boat trip from Anilao port to the island of Tingloy where you either dock directly on the beach or have a tricycle take you there! This island is pretty disconnected and far enough away that you feel like you’re breathing different air. All you have to do is bum out at the beach, eat, sleep, and repeat. There are also island hopping tours available for pretty cheap, at least compared to that of more touristy spots like Palawan or Boracay.


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04:00AM – Take a bus at JAM Bus Terminal in Buendia. Tell your conductor to drop you off at the Batangas Grand Terminal.
06:00AM – ETA Batangas Grand Terminal
06:15AM – Take a jeep to Anilao port.
07:15AM – ETA Anilao port/Breakfast! Buy your supplies if needed.
08:30AM – Pay the environmental fee and board the boat! You can ride a boat that goes directly to Masasa beach or a boat that docks at Tingloy. It depends on where your accommodations are.
09:30AM – ETA Tingloy Port, if you’re headed there. The crowd is slow on weekdays so it might take longer for the boat to depart from Anilao.
10:00AM – If your homestay/inn isn’t full, you’ll be able to check-in early. Lounge for a while while waiting to get checked in.
11:00AM – Check-in/prepare for lunch
12:00PM – LUNCH
02:00PM – Siesta! It’s too hot to be on the beach at this hour.
03:00PM – If you’re staying at Tingloy Port, hop into a tricycle going to Masasa
03:30PM – Beach bum, swim, buy ice candy, etc. You can rent a tent if you want/if you don’t have one!
05:30PM – Pack up and head back to your accommodation.
07:00PM – DINNER


07:00AM – Wake up and have some breakfast
08:00AM – Pack up
09:00AM – Board the boat back to Anilao
10:00AM – Ride a jeepney going back to Grand Terminal
11:00AM – Hop on any bus going back to Manila!


370.00 Bus from Buendia going to Batangas Grand Terminal (JAM Liner)
80.00 Jeep from BGT to Anilao Port and back
30.00 Environmental Fee
160.00 Boat from Anilao to Tingloy Port and back
40.00 Tricycle going to/from Masasa Beach
450.00 Average accommodation cost for a fan room per person

TOTAL: PHP 1,130.00

5. Anilao, Batangas

If you don’t want to cross the sea, you don’t have to. Anilao itself is a tourist destination and is greatly known for their scuba diving spots. Many even consider Anilao to be the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines! But not only that, being an area that’s surrounded by mountains, many go to Anilao for hiking and camping as well. It’s the perfect place to see the stars. This trip starts off just like the Masasa one but without having to cross a body of water! I highlighted the hiking aspect of this trip, but you can totally still sneak in an island hopping tour on your second day. It’ll cost a bit more, though.


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07:00AM – Take a bus from Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal
10:00AM – ETA Batangas Grand Terminal
10:20AM – Take a Jeep to Anilao
11:00AM – ETA Anilao. Buy supplies if needed.
12:00PM – LUNCH! Prepare for your hike if you’re going camping.
01:30PM – Take a tricycle to Philipan Dive Resort where the trek starts
01:45PM – Start your hike!
04:00PM – Set up camp, explore, take photos for the gram, bask in the sunset
07:00PM – DINNER, relax!


05:30AM – Wake up with the sun!
09:00AM – Start descent back to Philpan Dive Resort
11:00AM – ETA Anilao Port
11:30AM – LUNCH
01:00PM – Take a jeep back to BGT
01:30PM – Take a bus back to Manila


370.00 Bus from Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal (JAM Liner)
80.00 Jeep from BGT to Anilao Port and back
120.00 Tricycle to Philpan Dive Resort and back

TOTAL: PHP 570.00!

NOTE: Island hopping tours can go anywhere between Php2,000-4,500.

4. Cagbalete Island, Quezon

Going to Cagbalete Island is no easy feat, but the payoff is super worth it. With its white sand beaches, sandbars, and the fact that you’re mostly isolated from the rest of the world, Cagbalete Island is the perfect place for a barkada who’s looking to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the metro. An overnight stay might actually be too short for some of us, and I’d personally recommend staying for two nights. But nevertheless, getting to this island paradise won’t burn a hole in your wallet.


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03:00AM – Take a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal from Buendia
06:00AM – ETA Lucena Grand Terminal/Breakfast
07:00AM – Take a bus or van to Mauban
08:00AM – ETA Mauban. Register at the tourism office and shop for your supplies!
09:00AM – Board a boat at Mauban Port going to Cagbalete Island
10:00AM – Find your accommodations or set up camp. Start prepping for lunch.
11:30AM – LUNCH
01:00PM – Siesta time! Or you can go island hopping and visit the Yang-in Sandbar, Fish Sanctuary, Ilog Bukana + Snorkeling
03:00PM – If you chose to just take a nap, you can start lounging at the beach by 3!
06:00PM – Start washing up and getting ready for dinner
07:00PM – DINNER
09:00PM – Stargaze, socialize, etc


06:00AM – Wake up and have breakfast
07:30AM – Beach time!
09:00AM – Pack up and head back to the port
10:00AM – Catch the boat back to Mauban
11:00AM – ETA Mauban
11:30AM – LUNCH
01:00PM – Van or bus to Lucena Grand Terminal
02:30PM – ETA Lucena Grand Terminal
03:00PM – Bus from Lucena to Buendia
06:00PM – ETA Buendia


420.00 Bus from Buendia to Lucena and back
140.00 Bus/van from Lucena to Mauban and back
200.00 Boat from Mauban to Cagbalete and back
600.00 Estimated average of a fan room accommodation
200.00 Optional island hopping (Php 1,000/boat good for 6pax)

TOTAL: PHP 1,560.00

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