6 Simple Detox Tips to a Fresh New You this 2018

This 2018, leave your unhealthy habits behind and rejuvenate yourself. These tips are little things you can do at home. Knowing the things you do every day which build up toxin in your body and avoiding them will make a difference your future self will thank you for.

6. Bitter up!

Cut down your sugar intake. This means added sugar and sugary processed foods. Switch to fruits or use honey as an alternative.

5. Choose juice.

Ditch sugar and fake sweetener induced liquid and start juicing. Apple, lemon, cucumber, pineapple, celery, carrot and kale are some of the ingredients you can try.

4. Flush!

Drink water before engaging yourself into a feast! With the amount of water our body needs per day, one glass before every meal helps. Also, ever heard of lemon water?

3. Decaffeinate.

If you can’t totally cut out caffeine, be willing to switch to green tea instead of your daily cup of coffee. Beyond the hype, it’s less caffeinated and has tons of antioxidants. Try it iced too!

2. Sweat it out.

Add working out to your weekly routine (if daily means too much commitment). Give sauna a try as well and get the most of what you pay your gym membership for, while relaxing your mind and body after grind.

1. Stay in.

Needless to say, deprive yourself from alcohol. Staying in will also save you some cash and lessen the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day or per night out (if you do smoke). On top of those, you avoid messing with your sleeping pattern.

Being healthy is not a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle and it begins by making the choice to do so every single day. Make detox a habit.

What are you cutting out this new year?

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