6 Popular Game Apps That Teach Us Real Life Lessons

Many of us are guilty of spending too much time on game applications on our phones and tablets. With today’s advanced technology, there are thousands of downloadable games online in case we want something conveniently thrilling to be busy about. Various game applications have gained interests of millions of users worldwide and you probably have tried playing one. Perhaps, most of it!

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Aside from giving us something fun to do during free time or using it to loosen up, the following are game apps that imply lessons in life we can also live by.

6. Flappy Bird

6 Popular Game Apps That Teach Us Real Life Lessons

This addicting game that took the world by storm in 2013 was created by Vietnamese programmer and artist, Dong Nguyen. Flappy Bird is played by continuously tapping the screen to let the wings of the bird flap without hitting those green pipes or it is game over.

The lesson here is that life is not about how high we fly—it is by how far we can surpass the obstacles through ups and downs. So, keep on tapping!

5.  Slither.io

6 Popular Game Apps That Teach Us Real Life Lessons 1

Steve Howse’s Slither.io is a fun app wherein the player controls a snake-like avatar to eat colorful pellets in order to get longer and bigger. The challenge here is to keep it alive without hitting another snake’s body. Warning: there are many snakes in there!

While playing this game app, I thought of its underlying lesson: life is a competition and staying in an empty place will not make you any bigger (or better, for that matter). But be warned. There can be snakes anywhere, so be careful.

4. Zombie Tsunami

6 Popular Game Apps That Teach Us Real Life Lessons 2

This crazy runner game app by Mobigame that makes us squeal whenever the zombie fails to jump over bombs is more than just eating human brains. It requires the zombie player to run, eat humans that will turn into zombies, and survive from the bombs and helicopters.

This game may be about zombies but it also tells us that though we may find a lot of friends and company, in the long run, some will leave, some will remain by our side, and often times we are left alone. But do not worry; another set of friends will always come to you.

3. Don’t Tap the White Tiles

6 Popular Game Apps That Teach Us Real Life Lessons 3

Many of us somehow got addicted to this musical game application. It is played by tapping ONLY the black tiles while a piano piece plays in the background. What’s exciting is that it gradually runs faster, but the one and only rule is to not tap the white tiles.

This thrilling game by Hu Wen Zeng sends us a simple message: if it says do not do it, you better not do it (or you lose no matter what).

2. Unblock Me

6 Popular Game Apps That Teach Us Real Life Lessons 4

Unblock Me is only one of thousands of puzzle game apps, but this one really is quite challenging. The player has to get the red block out of the board by minimally shifting other blocks to different directions.

Unblock Me teaches us that although it may seem impossible for us to get out of life’s misery, there is always a way out. Just you try and try until you make it.

1. Tetris

6 Popular Game Apps That Teach Us Real Life Lessons 5

Who is not familiar with Tetris that has evolved from brick games to smart phones? This tile-matching game app is played by fitting shaped blocks to a space it can fit in. Completed lines of blocks will eventually vanish.

Tetris is actually telling us that if you try to fit in, you will disappear. Without taking this literally, it implies that you will only lose yourself if you try to be the person who is not you out of pressure from society.

All in all, these games teach us that although “game over” may truly be upsetting, this does not mean we stop. Life goes on as long as we keep learning from it. It is okay to enjoy and have fun at some point in our lives, but make sure you get something out of it.

Do you know other game apps that teach us lessons in life? Let us know!


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