The Art of Letting Go: 7 Keys to a Less Stressful Life

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I am not an expert in human relationships, but I am, in fact, a human being. Or that is what they say I am categorized under. Therefore, I can feel the peer pressure casted upon me. I can sense what is right or wrong. I can hear your relentless grumbles and worries. I can smell the stench of rejection.

It is difficult to let go of someone or something when life is uncertain after that. Though, when you do, as they put it, it is the best feeling in the world or isn’t it?

Have you ever asked yourself: when is the right time to let go or continue holding on?

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Well, I have. A couple of times. Hundreds of times. Whether it is a painful memory from the past, a foresight from an uncertain future, or the present that is full of surprises and will always haunt you in the years to come, we all have our versions of our sweetest regret. But, I don’t want to take it as something to feel sorry about. At some point, it made us experience a tad of bliss. It shaped us to be who we are right now. It became our inspiration to become better. Let’s just say it is a lesson more than a blessing.

So, when is the right time to let go? Personally, it is the correct time to let go when:

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7. It doesn’t make you a better person.

If the flood of thoughts corrupts you, it’s time to start anew. Go ahead and find the path that will help you improve. Remember: the only person who you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

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6. It doesn’t make you happy.

True love is when another person’s happiness is more essential than your own. We all deserve to be happy. No one has the right to take that gift away from us.

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5. It pulls you down.

Have you ever felt demoralized because the other person is not raising you up? I mean, sure, he or she may say that he supports you, but does he prove it in his actions or is crab mentality involved?

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4. All you can see, feel, and think of is pain.

Pain is inevitable. I have read tons of novels that depict that idea, but when we’re in front of the person we love, we forget that pain. However, you know you’re doomed when the person in front of you is a living proof that pain outweighs happiness. That’s just not it. Something is up.

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3. You’re more in love with the memories.

Sure, you may be in love with the person you are with right now, but others call it familiarity. It’s this sense of belonging you once felt that chains you there. There’s this tad of hope that they will bring back who they used to be, but that’s pure imagination. You can never change a person unless he or she wants to.


2. You can’t paint a simple future with them.

Some people are meant to stay in our hearts, yet not in our lives. That’s a given. When we love them, we always envision a future with them. Though, when problems arise the moment you think of the years to come, it’s just not meant to be.  It shouldn’t be complicated. It shouldn’t be difficult. And of course, you should be happy, not hurting.


1. Insecurities float up.

Someone’s always going to be prettier, thinner, taller, or smarter, but that doesn’t mean you’re not special in your own way. Nobody has it all. Thus, be grateful for what you are blessed with. Don’t compare your humble beginning with their affluent middle chapter. You’re you.

Letting go is not meant to be easy, but you can begin by throwing away the little things that seem to pester you. It’s the first step to everything!

“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” – Steve Maraboli