6 Pet Friendly Places To Visit Around Makati & BGC

The Philippines is one of the top countries in the whole world who loves pets. We were recently dubbed as the “Dog Capital of East Asia” by the Atlantic.com. Based from their statistics, the Philippines stands out as the biggest dog owning country in East Asia. It was reported that there is 1 pet owner in every 8 people. Compared to China which has 1 in every 100 people ratio. How cool is that?

Establishments in the Philippines are now more pet friendly. Aside from bringing your fur babies to the parks, you may bring them to malls and even hotels! There are even restaurants that not just let pets in but actually caters to them.

In the Philippines, we don’t just treat them as pets, we actually treat them as part of our families. So prep your harnesses, portable water bowls, puppy snacks and plastic litter dispensers, bring your pets with you to these places in Manila!

6. Bonifacio High Street

Bonifacio_high_street_WalkingDogsPhoto by Janice Therese

Bonifacio High Street is a great place for you and your dogs to come to shop, eat, and even meet other dog lovers. It’s not just a great place for shopping with your dogs (which is great because it gives them a lot of exercise while you get your errands done) but there is vast greenery all over! Which means, your dogs have more than enough room to not just walk but to run and play! This is great news for big dogs. We have a golden retriever and since we live in the city, she doesn’t have that much room to go and be, well, a golden retriever!

It’s also a great place for your family. You can bring your kids to run around and maybe bring some outdoor toys for them to play with instead of immersing them with gadgets indoors.

Just be careful where you step on as BHS is not a controlled environment for dogs. They have a lot of their maintenance team who goes around and cleans but there are still those irresponsible dog owners who doesn’t clean up after their dogs.

5. Legazpi Park


Legazpi Village is just right behind the Greenbelt area. It’s a great place do your outdoor sports and exercise. It’s a park so yes, dogs are very much welcome. Unlike other parks though, it’s in a peaceful place in the metro. Around the area there are a number of restaurants which are also dog friendly! It’s also a great place to find and discover great finds during the Legazpi Sunday Market! They sell local produce and a number of international dishes for you to bring home. Make sure to get here before lunch time!

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