6 Grab Driver Stories That’ll Really Warm Your Heart

Written by Annika Villarroel

Commuting is part of the everyday lives of numerous people. It’s often expected that the MRT or the buses aren’t of the best condition, and everyone just accepts the fact that they break down easily or are in need for some maintenance work. So with the rise of Taxi apps, I can’t even begin to recount how many times taking a Grab has saved me so much time, and offered me the best kind of convenience. In less than a minute, I already have a driver to take me to wherever I wanna go.

It’s funny to imagine what life was like before Grab, because I certainly can’t see myself living without it! Grab is officially celebrating their 5th anniversary on June 14th, 2017! ???? Let’s see how Grab has served its customers in the past years!


Here are some testimonies from 6 people that shows how these Grab drivers take the extra mile in caring for their passengers!


6. The Wise Sage

“I was on the way home from school one day, and I was so pissed. I was pissed at people, I was pissed at school, at everything. I got into the car, and the driver noticed that I was off. With caution, he asked me “ano po problema sir?” I started telling him all the events that led to me being pissed. He then told me “Everything that happens in our lives, it happens for a reason.” Being stubborn, I replied to him “Bakit ngayon pa?” He then says “Sir baka may plano sayo yung nasa itaas kaya ginawa niya yan”. His words struck a chord with me, and he turned my day around. I can’t remember his name anymore, but I still look back on that day with a smile.”



5. The Unexpected Father Figure

“There was this one time that I was running really late for class. There were no more taxis available so I took a Grabcar instead, which was super pricey because of the price surge. This was a time that Grabshare wasn’t a thing yet. I even wrote a note saying “Kuya pls late na po ako pakiaccept na po” (lol) and then all of a sudden, I got a driver who was super nice, even offering me a basahan to wipe my sandals since ang lakas ng ulan and naputikan ako from waiting sa sidewalk. He also offered me an umbrella because I only had a jacket on. He even went as far as bringing me all the way to the gate of the school telling me “mag ingat and magaral ng mabuti“. He almost didn’t make me pay him because he said he remembered his daughter who attended the same school as me. I still paid him though, what a helpful man!”

– Keith 


4. The Determined Hero

“I needed to do a feature on 19East Stages Sessions, so the place was really far from where I lived. So even if it’s far, the driver was okay with it and we talked all through the trip. And, well, when we arrived, the place that’s pinned was apparently wrong and we ended up going around in circles all over the pinned place. He was determined to find it, but I was too shy so I told him na bababa na lang ako, and I’ll ask for the directions from the guards instead, kasi may nakabook na rin sa kanyang bagong rider. So I dropped off out of nowhere, and his new rider got into the car na. The guards then told me that I was still really far from 19East Stages. So I had no choice but to walk. The place that I was walking was SO DARK and it was so scary because it was in the middle of a toll gate, so there were no buildings or houses. My driver showed up beside me, saying “sakay ka na, delikado dyan, hatid ka na namin“. I didn’t kn0w if the other rider was okay with it, but apparently the rider was the one who told the driver that it was dangerous for me to walk alone, kaya isabay nalang daw ako. The rider also knew where 19East was located, so they brought me there and it was such a good night for me. I thanked the driver, especially the rider!”
– Yunis

drive thru neon sign

3. The Midnight Snack Conversationalist

“I was tipsy from a night of clubbing, so I decided to take a Grab home. When the driver arrived, he had such a friendly aura that I immediately opened up to him, we started to engage in conversation about work, family and even politics. Since I had a few more bottles than I usually drink, I was starving. It was then I realized I had left my wallet at the club, but then because of the absence of music, the driver heard my stomach grumble. He laughed and said “gutom ka na, iha?” I said yes, but I left my wallet and that I would pay him as soon as I reached my destination. When we were almost at our destination, the Grab driver took a turn into a Mcdonald’s drive-thru, and asked me for what I wanted. “Ako na bahala” he said. I refused to say anything, so he ordered the same for me as what he ordered himself. It was still pretty early, so he parked at the back of the Mcdo and we continued our conversation again while we ate the food. He brought me home after 15 minutes, and no longer asked me to pay for anything. We’re still good friends today, and that was 3 years ago.”
– Sofia

2. The On-the-Go Therapist

“One really stressful day of work and school, I had to book a Grab to my next project. I was running late. When the driver arrived, he immediately noticed I was stressed when I entered the car. So he told me not to stress, because everything’s gonna be fine. He said that he says the same thing whenever his daughter stresses herself in high school because he doesn’t want to see others blame themselves for the things they can’t control. Like his wife, leaving him with four of their kids. He used to sulk and blame himself, but seeing how it affects his relationship with his kids, he just had to man up. After that, he started working as a Grab driver and now makes sure everyone feels better about life.”
– Hannah

1. The Amazing Samaritan

“One night, my girlfriend and I came home from dinner at a restaurant. As soon as we got home, she immediately started sweating, white flashes and blurred vision. She felt like she was going to throw up, and had a killer headache. In a panic, I decided to take her to the emergency room. I booked the Grab and in less than a minute, the driver texted me he was there, but apparently he could not find the house. He spent another 2 minutes looking for us.

Because he knew that the drop-off point was at the emergency room, as soon as he found us he apologized for making us wait and asked my girlfriend what her preferences were in the car. Should he drive slow or fast? Does she want the aircon to be open or closed? We promptly arrived at the hospital, as we were going to pay him, he not only refused to let us pay but kept apologizing for taking 2 more minutes to find the location. He was a great man.”

– Shan
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Thank you GRAB!

Thank you GRAB!