6 Fast Facts about TALA, OPM’s Newest Star

Words by: Michaela “Mica” Acero / Graphics by: Jillian Bueno

Can you believe it? There’s already another amazing local artist on the rise! I swear, the local music industry has been churning artists out like crazy lately! Definitely someone to look out for, 18-year-old Tala Gil or TALA, is Universal Records’ latest Pop-R&B sensation.

Her self-titled EP gives us a taste of what kind of artist she is: one with smooth vocals, both relatable and empowering lyrics, and chill beats. Other than being the TALAnted teen that she is (yes, a very fitting pun indeed!), TALA is also very quirky and charismatic. Below are 6 bits of info to introduce you to this new star.

6 Fast Facts about TALA, OPM’s Newest Star

6. She was born into a musical family.

TALA’s parents both met in the College of Music in the University of the Philippines and her dad was also part of an OPM band, Chillitees, back in the day. She’s also cousins with singer-host-actress, Nikki Gil. Gosh, talent really does run in her family!

5. She can get inspiration from anywhere.

One great thing about TALA’s songs is that her lyrics are both catchy and meaningful! She writes about her experiences and makes them sound either 10 times better or 10 times worse. That way, her songs are about her and yet not about her at the same time. (Woah, isn’t that cool?)

4. She’s currently taking up  interior design!

Despite having chart-topping hits in various countries, TALA continues to focus on both school and music. This busy singer-songwriter is also a first-year college student pursuing a degree in Interior Design – #StudentGoals indeed!

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3. She took up ballet for 10 (yes, 10!!) years.

TALA has been singing for as long as she can remember, but she also took up ballet for a really long time! Although being a prima ballerina isn’t on her list of goals, her love for music still shows through her singing and performing.

2. During her free time, she likes to play video games.

Even student-singer-songwriters need their downtime! TALA shares that she enjoys playing different video games whenever she has the time to.

1. She LOVES sharks!

We all have our… erm, weird obsessions and TALA’s just so happens to be sharks. Not only can she spout random facts about them; she also knows the names of many different kinds of sharks.

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This unique girl is on her way to becoming a household name in the local music scene. Get ready because TALA is just getting started! Her self-titled EP is now out on Spotify, Spinnr, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes, and Apple Music.


Twitter/ Instagram: @talulasaur