6 Easy Steps on How to Adopt a New Furry Friend

Article by Sophia Teaño | Photos by Eunick Nobe and Jeanne Dizon

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If you think you’re ready to open your home to a feline, you might want to consider CARA (Compassion And Responsibility for Animals). CARA Clinic was formed with the goal of promoting compassion towards cats and dogs through giving them good homes. The clinic provides sterilization, veterinary care, and also rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes cats and dogs in need.


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Once you’ve decided you’re ready to adopt a cat from the clinic, take note of the following guidelines:

  1. Select the cat from the clinic’s database or scan through their Facebook page.
  2. Drop by the clinic to meet their adoptable cats and dogs.
  3. Download their CARA Adoption Form.Cara Clinic Cats 7
    Cats of Cara 31 171227
  4. Send the accomplished form to their email address: adoption@caraphil.org
  5. Your application will be evaluated. If they consider you to be a potentially suitable pet owner, they will schedule a visit to your home to make sure that the environment complies with the needs of the animal to be adopted.
  6. After passing through their screening, you may pick up your pet and pay the adoption fee of Php800 per cat.

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Also, please do consider taking in older cats! As CARA puts it, “Used cats aren’t like used cars.” These cats were abandoned; they’re not defective or worn out. It’s not the fault of these felines that they ended up in shelters; they were abandoned. They stay confined while they watch people choose younger kittens. You adopting them might be their last chance to experience the love that they were deprived of. You may check out more of the details on the adoption process here!


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As with many other things in life, taking in animals means taking responsibility of their needs. Animal adoption means that you’re saving a life. Whenever you do, you get yourself a loving pet while creating space for more animals to be sheltered or rescued at the same time.

CARA Veterinary Clinic

175 Lopez Rizal St. cor. Samat St., Mandaluyong

(02) 532 3340


Website: www.caraphil.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CARAwelfareph

Twitter: @carawelfareph