6 Degrees: Sunnies That Can Spice Up Any OOTD


Pink matte frame with mirrorized lens

A lot of people are bidding summer goodbye, but 6 Degrees‘ fashionable sunnies let you spice up your OOTD regardless of the weather! With a variety of frame colors and lens coating, accompanied by a chic wooden temple, any of the sunnies at 6 Degrees is truly a stylish addition to your collection.


Blue matte frame with mirrorized lens

Oh, and check out that packaging, you guys. The sunnies are placed in a durable box to keep it safe as it travels to you and it comes with an orange pouch.

Personally, I loved playing around with the sunnies as I took the shots. They weren’t only great for OOTDs, either. They looked awesome in photos, too!



Also, it was really fun to explore shot ideas. The lens are so cute, I ended up playing around and taking some creative attempts. Here are some new takes on mirror selfies:



Here are some other shots that are somewhat like mirror-selfies-slash-portraits, as well. Special thanks to Marvin De Jesus and Jeska Olay for being my lovely models!



Super aesthetics aside, the modern eyewear from 6 Degrees highly protects the eyes from the sun’s blinding rays. The cool lens may not look like it, but each of these sunglasses are heavily tinted to prevent the sun’s rays from irritating your sense of sight. The frames come in two types, too! You can choose from matte or glossy frames and there are other lens colors, as well.

For more information on 6 Degrees and to check out their catalogues, contact them through the details below:

6 Degrees

Facebook: https://facebook.com/weare6degrees

Email: weare6degrees@gmail.com

Twitter / Instagram: @weare6degrees


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