BagsinStylePH: The Perfect Bags for Your #OOTD

Was there ever a day where you’re dashing around the corners of your room, cabinets open and bag-rack empty, all of its contents strewn over your bed?

For me, those days are getting more and more frequent. Because even my minimalist style has some trouble at some moments. When these instances come around, I always turn to my bags to complete the look for me. But what if even those come up blank? The frustration and pressure that unconsciously comes along with making your OOTD intensifies until you are literally tugging at the strands of your own hair. But luckily for us, there’s a shop that can help us!

thumb_IMG_5409_1024 (copy)BagsinStylePH


BagsinStylePH is a Marikina-based online store that creates affordable, stylish, handmade bags for us girls who love to match their bags with their outfits whenever they go out.


Introducing Kayla! She’s a navy blue, long-strap, tote bag that is large and deep enough to stash a lot of your stuff (even your laptop!) when you have a busy day ahead. I heaved a sigh of relief when I got this in the mail because it’s another bag that I can switch up with my all-black one whenever I go to places that require my gadgets. Life (and style) saver!



And, here, meet Ellen! A leopard-print, bucket bag perfect for the ladies who love flaunting the ‘wild’ side of their looks. I personally had a hard time finding the perfect bucket bag before. I didn’t even know what I wanted out of one. Who knew that it only took a short handle like Ellen’s to make me go: “This is the one I’ve been looking for!”


Despite my basic ensemble, Kayla and Ellen matched well with my get-up and even gave two different feels, too. This shows that an accessory, such as a bag, can completely change your look. You just have to find the perfect one that you’ll love. BagsinStylePH is definitely one to look out for!

Giveaway Alert!

BagsinStylePH is giving away one Ellen bag to a lucky winner! See how you can make an entry below:

BagsinStylePH Giveaway

UPDATE: Congratulations to the BagsinStylePH Ellen bag winner, Rose Ann Dalida! Thank you to all who joined! 🙂


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