6 Cool Skincare and Beauty Gadgets Worth Trying Out!

When it comes to our skin, we’ll gladly splurge on anything that promises to maintain our youthful looks and efficiently get rid of our fine lines and blemishes. Shopee has tons of cool and innovative beauty tech that can seriously up our skincare game; here are just a few worth checking out!

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Blackhead Remover

Say goodbye to those black blemishes on your nose! These blackhead remover vacuums will target and suck out those pesky spots without hurting your skin. It’s got interchangeable heads and different suction levels to fit your needs.

Buy it here (left) and here (right).

Electric Facial Cleanser and Massager

If you’re looking for a way to retain your youthful skin, electric ion facial cleansers are worth trying out. It can deeply clean your skin, remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue, and even massage your face at a high-frequency vibration. It’s also convenient and safe to use, plus there’s no need to charge it.

Buy it here.

LED Facial Skin Tightening Device

This tool does a lot of things in one, from improving sagging and aging skin to promoting lymphatic and blood circulation through high-frequency electrical resistance heating. It’s non-invasive but really gets through the layers of your skin. You can choose the level of conduction depending on your needs—whether you want to brighten your complexion or shrink your pores.

Buy it here or here.

Portable Facial Mist

Living in a humid country can be quite troublesome on the skin, which is what makes facial mists such lifesavers! With just a push of a button, you can get a fine mist that will soothe and cool down your skin instantly after you’ve spent too much time under the sun or whenever you feel like your face is drying up. The best part is that it’s refillable, so you can keep using it again and again without worrying about it running out!

Buy it here.

Face Slimming Massager

We all want our faces to be just a tad slimmer and this nifty tool can help with that. Just run this facial massager on your cheeks and underneath your jaw to help lift and firm up your skin. You can even use it on other parts of your body that you want to shape!

Buy it here.

Laser Treatment Pen for Wrinkles

This handheld portable device uses blue light therapy to subsequently fade fine lines and wrinkles over time. It can be used anywhere on your body—from your face to your legs—and it’s safe for all skin types. It only takes a few minutes every day, making it a great beauty tool for those constantly on the go!

Buy it here.

Which ones are you interested to get?

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