6 Beautiful Reasons To #BisitaBatangas Now!

3. Nayomi Resort


…where the food is so scrumptious! While not part of our initial itinerary, we had lunch here in this beautiful sanctuary resort owned by the Prats (yes, that celebrity family). Mr. Dondie Prats was a fantastic host, and made sure that we had bags of suman to bring home.



Nayomi Resort felt like a nature reserve and displayed clean, modern lines. This is the resort to be, if you want lazy weekdays and even lazier weekends. They had these really beautiful recliners by the poolside, and can you just imagine yourself curling up with a book by the shade? Bliss. 🙂

(Nayomi Sanctuary resort is fairly new. It was only launched during John Prats and Isabel Oli’s wedding back in May 2015! )

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort
Telephone No. (02) 645-3092
Email Address: nayomiresort@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nayomiresort

2. Raw Honey


It’s honey harvested right in front of your eyes! We met Mr. Edgardo Del Rio and his hospitable wife at the Golden Clover Honey Bee Farm where he explained the many advantages and benefits of bee-farming. For one, he needs absolutely no machinery! And he sells honey vinegar, too! It tasted really interesting!

6beautifulreasonstobisitabatangas336beautifulreasonstobisitabatangas34That’s honey vinegar + honeycomb! 🙂


Mr. Edgardo says that his occupation as a honey farmer started when he saw a beehive on his ceiling. With the help of a friend, he started with only ten (10) colonies of bees. Nowadays, he has two hundred (200!) bee colonies  how buzzworthy (pun totally intended).

Here’s a tip: When Mr. Edgardo harvests the honey for you to try, the bees are only supposed to really attack him (so good thing he’s protected by all his gear).

Sometimes though, the bees get too overprotective, so watch out for their stingers. In our group, two of us were stung. Thankfully, we’re still alive to tell you about the tale, and happy to let you know that people go to bee farms for the sole purpose of being stung (in other words, provided that you don’t die, there are major health benefits when you get stung by a bee).

Golden Clover Honey Bee Farm
424 Bulacnin, Lipa City, Batangas 4217

Telephone No. (043) 455-3038 / Mobile: (0927) 542-0541

1. Badaco Farm 


Admittedly, I got a bit too ahead of myself with this activity. I was so excited at the thought of milking a cow again, I didn’t take into account that BADACO Farm (Batangas Dairy and Multi-purpose Cooperative) has around seven hundred fifty (750) heads in Farm I and seven hundred (700) heads in Farm II. Obviously, the cows in the milk line are milked not by hand anymore, but by machine.


We were met with Mr. Cesar Almarez, one of the directors, and he was kind enough to share more about the Farm. Respected as an authority in milk production and cow-rearing, BADACO Farm enjoys great credibility even in places like Australia and New Zealand. All the cows in the farm are ‘free-range’, which means that they eat grass and graze as they please. It was also very interesting to find out that a pregnant cow will cost you a little less than P100,000! Impressive, right?

6beautifulreasonstobisitabatangastoday17So while you won’t be milking a cow by hand, you will be feeding a two-week-old calf by hand. 🙂
All your motherly instincts will come rushing. 


You also have the option to purchase all the high-quality products produced in this farm. Happy dairy shopping! 🙂 Support local businesses!

BADACO (Batangas Dairy and Multi-Purpose Cooperative)
GMC III, Barangay Inosluban, Lipa City, Batangas Philippines
Telephone Number: (043) 406-3413
Website: www.badaco.com.ph

So there you have it! Now what? Here are next steps:

1. Ask yourself what’s keeping you from booking a room and tour with Lima Park Hotel.
2. Get rid of whatever answer you come up with.
3. Have a great, great weekend. 😉

Lima Park Hotel

Lima Technology Center Malvar, Batangas, Philippines
(T) +63 43 981 1555
(F) +63 43 981 2555
(M) +63 917 504 2385
(E) limaparkhotel_reservations@yahoo.com

Read more at http://www.wheninmanila.com/lima-park-hotel-offers-a-one-of-a-kind-weekend-batangas-experience-day-2-food-trip-and-sightseeing/#ZrcvqjyDyFGUWGtX.99

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