LIMA PARK HOTEL Offers A One-of-A-Kind Weekend Batangas Experience Day 2: Food Trip and Sightseeing!

 Welcome to Day 2 of our  One-of-A-Kind Weekend Batangas Experience at Lima Park Hotel!



During dinner last night, I remember Chef Pol Poblador telling us to sleep early in preparation for the activities in store for us the next day. You see, Lima Park Hotel isn’t an ordinary hotel, because unlike the usual hotels which have activities keeping you inside, at Lima Park Hotel, they got an interesting set of activities to keep their guests fit, educated and happy! Personally, I never thought the whole experience would be “that” amazing!

Let us tell you more about them…..


 7am, we had an early bike ride with Chef Pol Poblador, his son Enzo and Sir Jm




1st in our itinerary was an 8-10 km leisurely bike ride. I hardly remember the last time I did this. As you know, Frank and I aren’t into sports. I believe one reason why we click a lot, is the fact that both of us share a certain type of laziness when it comes to physical activities. But of course, we’re pretty much game for the sake of adventure! Going out of our comfort zones once a while is totally fine. Unlike Chef Pol Poblador and their resident gym trainor sir JM who go biking once a week, as for the two of us, we do it once in a lifetime! Lol

I thought my body would feel all sore the whole day after that but it actually served as our warm up in preparation for the next activities. I enjoyed that ride a lot and I bet Frank did too, for it got us all pumped up! By the way, you don’t need to bring your own bikes for they got bikes there which are ready to use.




 the ever ready Frank




the weather was very good that day! Ideal for biking! 




 sir JM and Chef Pol Poblador!





 feeling Abbey Road? lols




 After that early morning bike ride, we all went back to the hotel to rest and freshen up.




Next, Chef Pol Poblador and Sir Allan took us on a pilgrimage tour on some of the best churches and cathedrals which Lipa Batangas is known for. During the Holy Week, be sure to spend your vacation here to experience this!


 inside the San Sebastian Cathedral




 San Sebastian Cathedral since 1910




Mary Mediatrix  Church 




 The Marian Orchard



 lovely isn’t it?




now where could that missing lamb be?  hihihihi




It was quite a scorching day that time, that we all felt tired and hungry just after a few hours! Good thing it was time for lunch and as planned, Chef Pol Poblador and Sir Allan took us to one of the best places to enjoy what Batangas is known for – lomi!

 LBN Lomi House and Eatery- considered one of the BEST!




They took us to a place called LBN Lomi House and Eatery where it is believed to serve the Best Lomi in Batangas! I remember asking Chef Pol Poblador on LBN’s secret regarding their lomi… He said it must be with the ingredients which they include like the kikiam balls, savory pork liver which made it so flavorful as well as the thick consistency of the soup itself which is far different from the wannabe lomis in Manila. 











 pork liver




this regular bowl costs only 38 pesos! 

best partnered with a cold glass of soda and buns




 Chef Pol Poblador teaches how to make the sauce




Chef Pol Poblador also taught us on how locals prepare their sauce for the lomi. We also found out that the real way of eating lomi is by actually using a saucer or small plate and not a bowl. What you should do is take out spoonfuls of lomi, transfer it onto your saucer then mix it with your sauce! 



Meet sir Allan, Lima Park Hotel’s resident chauffeur. He’s been a professional hotel driver for a very long time that he knows even the unfamiliar streets and buildings in Metro Manila! Pretty much like Google Maps in human form! He’s also a proud Batangueno and today, he’s gonna demonstrate on how to properly eat Batangas Lomi! 




1. season your lomi according to your preferred taste! 




 2. transfer lomi on a separate plate




 3. enjoy!




 oooohh hot n spicy lomi! “Pagpapawisan ka sa sarap!

Sir Allan said that lomi is best when it’s hot and spicy!




 Next stop was a place which produces pure honey. We got the chance to meet “Manong”, the owner of the Golden Clover honey bee farm… Even Chef Pol Poblador doesn’t know his real name so he just calls him Manong! Lols! Manong made us taste chunks of honeycomb. The sweetness was just perfect! No sugary taste of course… This is the real thing, made by nature!




 Manong’s Golden Clover Honeybee Farm




 100% pure




 meet Manong!




 1st ever time to try eating honey with the honeycomb 




 now this is reaaaaallly good!




 we were shocked when Manong all of a sudden brought these right in front of our faces…. waaaaaaaahh!!




 Manong here showing his beeswax



 After the honeycomb tasting at Manong’s beehive, they took us to a very relaxing and peaceful place which i heared the management of Lima Park Hotel is currently preserving called the Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center (TLCC). We definitely enjoyed one of our most relaxing afternoons yet. The sights here as well as the peace and tranquility was just priceless. This is truly the perfect place to end a very busy day. We all felt sleepy! Hihihiih


When in Batangas, be sure to visit this place for every visit ensures conservation initiatives for the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape





 enjoyed one of our most relaxing afternoons




 a view of Taal Volcano and Balete 




 hihihi clever shot ey?




Before heading back to the hotel, Chef Pol Poblador took us to our last food trip stop – Eva’s eatery to experience local great tasting rice cakes, local meatloaf or Embutido as well as a cup of famous Kapeng Barako ng Batangas! Tasting these rice cakes again transported me back in my childhood where i enjoyed the same stuff at grannies house…. Later on, I realized that I’m a Bataguena as well! Amazing how even the simplest most basic of dishes would hold this certain power over you… Enabling you to go back in time like it was yesterday.




 Suman sa Lihiya







 best with Kapeng Barako!



 I remember going back to the hotel not only with a full tummy but also a new set of overflowing great memories to cherish. =)




  Dinner time came and we were both excited for our cooking lesson! We’ve been teasing Frank all afternoon  to cook dinner for us and I was really excited to see him cook for the very first time! I believe I’m one of the very few who push him to his limits that sometimes I think he gets annoyed… and I don’t really care! hihihi  


When we got to the kitchen, we were surprised to see everything all neatly organized like real cooking show! I can’t believe we were actually making our own dinner! This is just the coolest thing! 




For the dishes, Chef Pol Poblador taught us to make Chicken Teriyaki Caesar salad and Green Chicken Curry! Frank was hesitant at first so I helped him out until he felt comfortable! I was so proud of his salad! He’s very talented when it comes to plating dishes. Our Green Chicken Curry was also good however, it had a bitter aftertaste because I burned the green curry paste! Booooo! My mistake! hihihi




 marinating the chicken




 always remember, skin-side first!




 Chef Pol Poblador demonstrates on how to properly hold a knife




 Frank the culinary genius!




 doing some finishing touches!




 one day, i’ll surely have my own cooking show! errrrr or probably Frank will, because he’s better than I am in terms of cooking!




 actual burning of green curry paste by yours truly huhuhuhu




 Frank looks cuter when cooking!




 plating our dish








At last it was time to eat! Hoooooray! We were all excited to taste the dishes we made! Aside from the dishes we prepared, Chef Pol Poblador also made his special pizza and seafood pasta!



 I can’t believe we made these! The experience was really awesome!




 Chef Pol Poblador’s “WINNER” pasta!



His signature pizza and pasta were mind blowing! Booooooom! Perfect! We got convinced that one of the best pizza and pasta dishes in the country are actually found here and made by our new found friend, Chef Pol Poblador!

His pizza crust was of perfect thinness and crunch,  topped with  just the right amount of greens, savory meats and cheese which all complimented each other well! I bet Frank could eat 2 whole pizzas in one sitting! As for the pasta, it came with the perfect blend of herbs and spices which wasn’t too sweet nor too sour! The blend was just precise that it made us yearn for more with each bite!

 one of the best in the land!




 super nice crust!




 our meal was perfectly partnered with white wine!




 Chef Pol Poblador’s Seafood Pasta!




 the taste was unlike any other which I tasted before…. it was really really great!

Italian meets Pinoy!




Last year, we were just 2 simple souls both so excited on our first out of town trip… now with sooo many places conquered, experiences and even a title on  being the best in what we do,  in only a year’s time, we were back to where we started… And how nice it is indeed to still see the same humble person beside you. =)









The Lima Park Hotel is definitely a great place for making memories…. and the people there will make sure to have their names etched in your heart, very much like what they did ours.

We had our most unforgettable food trip there… we had a REAL food trip – Satisfying both body and soul! We personally recommend you try this as well for it is something you will never forget!

When booking at Lima Park Hotel, be sure to book a full weekend or at least 2 nights to fully enjoy their activities!

Where can you find a hotel which not only provides relaxation and luxury but also cultural and culinary adventures and lessons?…. Only one name to remember my friend…. Lima Park Hotel!

Lima Park Hotel 

Lima Park Hotel 
Lima Technology Center 
Malvar, Batangas, Philippines 
(T) +63 43 981 1555 
(F) +63 43 981 2555 
(M) +63 917 504 2385 

Makati Office 
6th Flr. PDCP Bank Centre Bldg., 
Rufino St. Cor. LP. Leviste St. 
Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227 
(T) +63 02 892 5462 loc. 208 
(F) +63 02 892 6464 


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LIMA PARK HOTEL Offers A One-of-A-Kind Weekend Batangas Experience Day 2: Food Trip and Sightseeing! 

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