LIMA PARK HOTEL Offers A One-of-A-Kind Weekend Batangas Experience Day 1

 another adventure awaits!



Your favorite Whein In Manila tandem is once again packed with stories and experiences to share and for this week, it’s not just about lounging and relaxation but more about learning and the appreciation of our heritage!  We picked a very special place for you of course! I say it’s Batangas’ hidden gem waiting to be discovered! We’d like to introduce to you all LIMA PARK HOTEL located in Malvar, Batangas!


Last year, we got invited by Lima Park Hotel to attend their Palayok Festival which featured traditional Tagalog dishes! It was also our 1st out-of-town feature for so Frank and I were soooo excited that time! Little did we know that our visiting date was exactly the same as last year! Amazing coincidence!  Here’s proof! hihihihi




Frank during the Palayok Festival last year!




photo taken last year





my photo during our departure on that quick lunch and day tour on our 1st out-of-town trip together




 while i took this photo, I told myself that we’ll be back again someday! <3



We never thought that we would have the time of our lives after that 1st out-of-town visit! And now, exactly after 1 year, the universe has brought us back to the same place where we started and we feel ever so blessed!



Once again we’re back!



after 1 year 


There are indeed so much to appreciate and discover here in the Philippines and the great news is, you don’t really need to go far and spend a fortune to experience its grandeur. Going to 7,107 islands may take some time to conquer so I guess for now, we’ll take it 1 province at a time! Now,  our destination is Malvar and Lipa Batangas  at LIMA PARK Hotel!



With all the popular resorts in Batangas, why Lima Park Hotel?  Honestly, I felt this place had a lot of potential then, so I just followed my instincts! And so without further adieu, let us once again take you to a tour with our photos…..





 upon arrival……



 it really was sooo nice to be back after a year =)




 Lima Park Hotel is situated in one of the Philippines’ world-class industrial zones. They cater mostly to foreigners and business people so you can assure that their amenities and service quality is at par with international standards. Although it is more of a business hotel rather than a place for recreation, we believe that Lima Park Hotel is also an ideal place to spend your vacation for this place can provide you with the peace and quiet you deserve, not to mention the many activities which they offer their clients!




I must say, the staff really took great care of us! Filipino hospitality is the best! 




 the lobby! they also got computers with fast internet connection  for clients who need to be online!




let’s check out our room! 




 we checked into one of their suites with direct pool access




 it also has a mini kitchen with ref and microwave oven




 complete with a desk and lcd tv with cable




the lovely bathroom! 




Honestly, I was surprised to know they are not a 4 star hotel yet! The ambiance and amenities here at Lima Park Hotel was definitely very luxurious! I love our suite! I felt like in a 5-star hotel!





 After checking in, we had lunch with Lima Park Hotel’s Assistant General Manager Sir Bong where we got the chance to know more about the hotel plus, we got to taste their Teppanyakis! We appreciated the time which Sir Bong spent with us! Meeting him was such a delight!




 Salmon Teppanyaki




 Seafood Teppanyaki




Beef Teppanyaki 




 Their Drink of the Month was definitely one of my favorite combinations: Ube and Sweet Corn Shake!!



We find the Lima Park Hotel as a place where you can truly relax! Their Olympic sized pool looked very inviting. We loved the over-all atmosphere of the place… Personally, I really loved the sound of the breeze while chillin’ beside the pool. I felt very detached from all city stresses.




the very inviting pool 




 if you’re looking for an ideal place for team building activities, Lima Park Hotel offers enough space to accommodate large groups.  They got this lovely spacious garden where you can freely run around and be yourself!




I believe this kitty is way more lucky than us for it gets to do this here everyday! “sosyal!” lols




 We enjoyed one of our most calming afternoons.  Frank and I enjoy life’s simple pleasures very much and we consider  “quiet time” as very valuable nowadays



 After lounging by the pool and appreciating the sites, we’ve decided to roam inside the hotel before meeting Chef Pol for dinner.




 we checked out their souvenir shop which was loaded with Filipino products!



here’s me, begging Frank to buy me this bag! hihihihi






ooohh!! Lima Park Hotel is definitely an ideal place to exchange vows =) 




 dinner time came and we were so eager to finally meet Chef Pol Poblador!




 Exactly a year ago, we met him during the Palayok Festival held at this very place. I hope he still remembers us! 




 I find the Asian Flavors Restaurant to be full of sumptuous surprises! Having great tasting food is really vital in any trip! Here at Lima Park Hotel, your tummies are in good hands! Thanks to Chef Pol and his team of great cooks!



 we’re soooo honored that we got to meet Chef Pol Poblador!  We’re soooo fortunate to meet such a cool chef like him! Of course he prepared a very filling Filipino meal for us! He also told us about his humble beginnings as well as the activities which he prepared for us the next day!




  fried spring rolls: deep fried to perfection with its crunchy wrap with a very soft and tasty combination of “sotanghon” noodles, meat and veggies all complimenting each other. Don’t forget to dip it first in vinegar and by the time it lands on your taste buds… BOOOOOOM!




 Adobong Tadyang ng Baka : We loved this a lot! Super tasty fall-off the bone tenderness!




 I may not be a big fan of soup dishes but I found Chef Pol’s Sinigang na Salmon as very satisfying! Comfort food at its finest!

Frank was feeling under the weather that afternoon but thanks to Chef Pol’s heart warming dishes that night, he was able to recover in no time! Thank you Chef!




Who could ever resist this spectacular site? The night was just perfect that it would be a shame not to take a dip! We had the pool only for ourselves that night! For all you lovers out there, this is something you never should miss!





We felt very much at home on our 1st day at Lima Park Hotel! The people were as great as the sights. How wonderful to know that they are backed up by a very supportive boss who always tends to the needs and welfare of the staff. We  definitely learned so much even on just the first day! We appreciated all the stories they shared with us! Meeting new people from all walks of life is such a blessing indeed! Lima Park Hotel is more than just  your ordinary hotel… I say it’s a gem waiting to be discovered! Lima Park Hotel gave me another good reason to visit Batangas!


So when in Manila and seeking for an ideal place with world-class amenities for your business meetings, conventions, weddings and even romantic and family staycations,  Lima Park Hotel is truly a place that can deliver!




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Congratulations to Steve del Castillo for winning our overnight stay promo!



Lima Park Hotel 

Lima Park Hotel 
Lima Technology Center 
Malvar, Batangas, Philippines 
(T) +63 43 981 1555 
(F) +63 43 981 2555 
(M) +63 917 504 2385 

Makati Office 
6th Flr. PDCP Bank Centre Bldg., 
Rufino St. Cor. LP. Leviste St. 
Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227 
(T) +63 02 892 5462 loc. 208 
(F) +63 02 892 6464 


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LIMA PARK HOTEL Offers A One-of-A-Kind Weekend Batangas Experience Day 1

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