5 Steakhouses in Quezon City Worthy of Your Visit

This month we take the opportunity to focus on our favorite bovine feast: steak! And Quezon City has an array of casual, yet fantastic places to have just that. For your carnivore’s delight, When In Manila compiles a definitive list of steak houses in the area suited to your needs and budget.


5. Red Baron Ribs & Steaks


The Surf n Turf (P795) is part of the menu’s Premium Steak Combo section, which comes with three wild sides + 1 rice + jar of dried peanuts, and includes a 1/2 inch Ribeye Steak and shrimp cooked in red brandy sauce. Not only does Red Baron know how to serve good steak, they make eating steak fun, too. 


And one signature dish that shouldn’t be missed here is The Herb Crusted Heavy Porter House (P1,959.00). Very juicy and packed with flavor, it is a serving of a hefty chunk of beef with good marbling and aged for 22 days, giving that extra oomph.


The restaurant defines as “‘value for money’ casual dining restaurant that serves good quality meal that caters to the community, foodies and car enthusiasts”, says restaurant co-owner, Joyce Esteban. Red Baron is a restaurant that serves ribs and steaks apart from the usual coffee and beverages for the customers while waiting their cars to be washed. Casual, relaxing, and friendly ─it isn’t quite commercial. I  guess, in the end, it’s really about damn good steak.

Red Baron Ribs & Steaks is located at 143 D Tuazon St cor Calamba St Lourdes, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservations, you may call (02) 354-5970 or connect with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/redbaronribs.


4.  Vittorio’s Steakhouse


Their Porterhouse with 3 cups of rice or fries (P2, 590) is good for 2-3 persons. This is one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. It had that great texture, it was  seasoned with the right amount of salt and pepper, and  flawlessly grilled on the outside–complete with a true grill flavour (not just charred or pan-seared). The steak was topped with a contrasting texture and flavour from a generous amount of crispy pork bits, which just made the steak pure genius!


One wouldn’t expect a steakhouse along the dark street of Kamuning. It has a homey, country-style ambience, with a small but balanced menu. Restaurant Owner, Mr. Victor Daluz, shares vividly his experiences abroad as a chef and how he wanted to have his own restaurant someday. Not long after, Vittorios Steakhouse was born.

Vittorio’s Steakhouse is located at 121 Forab Bldg., Kamuning Road, Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, you may call (02) 738 6564 or connect with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/vittoriossteakhouse.


3. Gaucho Cocina y Vinos Argentinos


Just read the name “Gaucho” (The Cowboys in Argentina) and you’ll know what this restaurant specializes in. They have a number of cuts on the menu. A good place to start would be with the Falda a la Cruz (P550), US beef short plate that comes with pickles of zucchini, eggplant, and shallots. It’s also served with chimichurri, a sauce made with herbs, garlic and vinegar, but without the spice usually found in other versions, and a choice of unlimited steamed rice or garlic rice.


Cooked slow-roasted on a fire pit, Cordero Entero A Ala Cruz (Australian Young Lamb) (P890) will surely please the taste buds at this Argenian-inspired meat lovers’ paradise. Fleshly-tender and tasty, enough to satisfy 2 to 3 hungry tummies.


The first authentic and traditional Argentinian restaurant in the Philippines, everything about this place does feel authentic—from its singer servers to its Argentinian-inspired atmosphere and succulent food. It’s the kind of restaurant you’ll want to bring your date to, as it looks swanky, but isn’t exactly priced that way. 

Gaucho Cocina y Vinos Argentinos is located at 3rd Floor Al Fresco, The Park at Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, you may call (02) 654 3148 or connect with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gauchomanila.


2. Brickfire


Brickfire is all about the mouth watering steaks and chop delights that are easy on the pocket—an idea that takes on a mission to make a delicious steak affordable nothing over P300.

Their Cowgirl Honey T-bone w/ rice and sides (P164) is moist and tender, but also salty and tangy in taste. It is probably the only cheap steak (any steak less than 500 bucks is automatically cheaper) restaurant that cuts their steaks thick and can serve it rare without you having to send it back to the kitchen for either being too cooked or still mooing. Our judgment: cheap, tasty, and, ultimately, comforting.


With their brick wall accents, light bounces off casting a warm, fiery glow. The decor takes its cue from the great steak houses with a dash of Western flair. The color palette and the materials used are a mix of traditional, modern, and simple, which makes the atmosphere even more inviting.

Brickfire is located at 3rd Floor Al Fresco, Upper Ground Floor, The Annex, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservations, you may call (0927) 523 1130 or connect with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/brickfiresteaks


1. Chili’s


No steakhouse list is complete without Chili’s. It has been serving—and still hungry to bring you the big, bold flavors of the  original down-home Southwestern-inspired cuisine—since 1975.


Those looking for your basic slab of meat on a plate can go for the legendary Southwest favorite Flame-Grilled Ribeye (P1, 490), which has a robust, concentrated flavor, coupled with beautifully textured meat that gives off a hint of delicate smokiness on the outside, which is a wonderful contrast to the sweet, juicy pink within. It is, for lack of better words, to die for.


It was always a treat to go to Chili’s, and its simple yet bold and somewhat casual design creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining the simplicity of the décor. Of course, along with outstanding food, Chili’s still cooking up a whole lot of fun too. That’s why after all this time, patrons still find that Chili’s is truly like no place else.

Chili’s Fairview Terraces is located at Ground Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces, Maligaya Road Corner Quirino Highway, Fairview, Quezon City. For inquiries and reservations, you may call (02) 246 9069 ext:142 or connect with them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChilisPhilippines



Whether it’s a hearty dinner you want or a filling breakfast to start the day with; whether you’re in search for a  new, trendy hotspot or a classic, old-fashioned staple for a gastronomic steak feast, hopefully this list got it covered for you. Whatever your style, you’ll want to meet for meat at these delicious steakhouses in Quezon City.



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