5 Unique Things To Do When In La Union + Requirements

Now that La Union is accepting tourists again, we are looking for new things to do there. More than a year had passed and we all miss some adventure so here are some unique things to do in La Union.

According to Executive Order 27 Series of 2021, the Province of La Union is lifting Executive Order No. 7 Series of 2021 and providing additional guidelines on Border Entry for Non-Resident Tourists effective May 22, 2021.


1) Booking through a DOT-Accredited La Union-based Travel and Tour Operator

2) RT-PCR test result

The test should be made within 72 hours or 3 days prior to arrival. Saliva test by Philippine Red Cross us also accepted.

3) QR Code Tourist Pass

The QR Code will be sent to you by sending a travel request through Tara Na! VISITA (Visitor Information and Tourist Assistance) System. 

You should register at least 5 working days prior to travel. Application is being processed Mondays to Fridays from 8AM to 5pm and it is usually processed within 48hours.

During Travel:

1) Upon arrival you need to present your QR Code at the Tourism One-Stop-Shop to secure a Tourist Access Pass (TAP)

2) Follow submitted itinerary and present QR code and Tourism Access Pass in tourism establishments and attractions


La Union is just 3+ hours away from Manila and since public transportation can be risky during this time, we suggest that you bring your own vehicle going there. Not only that the roads conditions are good and easy to drive on, the journey going to La Union is amazing too. Our suggestions are in different cities in La Union so bringing your own vehicle is preferred. We drove the Toyota Avanza to La Union and it’s the perfect vehicle for your family or friends who’s been aching to hit the beach. The car is spacious for passengers and social distancing is easy too. Your bags can easily fit in the car, especially if you want to stay longer and live the nomad life.

So here are the places to go to in La Union:

Lotus Valley 

Located in Sitio Kasilagan in Dasaya San Juan La Union, Lotus Valley is located in the mountain area. The drive is quite steep going there but it will only take you less than 20minutes from Urbiztondo.

If you would like to unwind and detox during your La Union trip, Lotus Valley is the perfect place for you. This wellness destination is the ultimate contrast compared the the hustle and bustle of Manila. They offer meditation and detox sessions that can relieve your stress and help with your immune system. The farm also prides themselves of plant-based food and some of their ingredients are straight from fresh harvest in the farm.

Project Curma Preservation

Though San Juan is known as a ‘surf town’, it is also the home of Project Curma. It is a turtle prevention initiative that is led by Carlos Tamayo right at the heart of San Juan. Though we have been in San Juan many times, it’s actually the first time that we got to visit Project Curma. Luckily, there were hatchlings that were ready to be released during our visit.

We sat down with Carlos and talked about how Project Curma started and he shared that it was just a coincidence that they found sea turtle eggs in front of their property and since then, they tried their best to help the turtle population survive and thrive. One of the best things that we found out is how Project Curma had transformed the lives of the locals. Most of them poaches the turtles for a living but now they are leading and helping the initiative.

Santol Road La Union

One of the newest attractions in La Union is the Poblacion-Puguil-Tubaday Road now known as the Great Road of Santol. The road starts at the intersection near Santol Philippine National Police station and Santol Municipal Town Hall.


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Though the road is made for the faster delivery of goods and services to and from the municipality, it is also a good tourism spot because of its beautiful. There are also beautiful accommodations that can help you get to Santol Road like Naranja.


Located in San Gabriel and just a few minutes away from Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. Dambana is an instagram worthy location and also near Lacong falls with beautiful rock formations.

Luna Pebble Beach

If you want to hit the beach but wants a different view, Luna Pebble Beach is a must-visit. It is about a 35minute-1 hour drive from Urbiztondo and the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of adventures.


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