5 Travel Must-Haves We Spotted at Travelon’s Newest Store

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It’s a given fact that we Filipinos love to travel. International or local, we pack like we are going on an adventure and even sometimes pack way more than we should. That is why Travelon, the industry leader in products and accessories, launched its first store in the world here in the Philippines to cater to travelers who wish to make traveling easier and, most importantly, safe.

Together with Primer Group of Companies, Travelon opened its first store  at SM Megamall Mandaluyong and we found 5 travel must-haves during the store launch.

5. Money Clip Wallet

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The money clip wallet prevents you from traveling with a bulky wallet full of money and credits cards. If you’re a tourist that’s going to be moving from one city to another, it’s ideal to have a money clip wallet with 3 credit card slops and enough space to clip your folded bills. It’s also known to block RFID readers and prevents unauthorized access for thiefs.

4. Personal Panic Alarm

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Worried about thefts trying to steal your personal belongings? Travelon’s  personal panic alarm will help keep your belongings safe and sound. Besides the alarm calling your attention, it also has a built-in LED light with a decibel level of 96 dB which you can clip to keys, necklaces or clothes and is easily usable. Next time someone is trying to reach for your items, you know an alarm is about to warn you.

3. Packing Organizers, Squares, and Cubes

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From the name itself, packing organizers help you keep your belongings tidy and are the perfect solution when packing small items. Bringing items such as jewellery, contact lenses, medicines and etc are inevitable and these organizers that come in different sizes will help you find those essentials right away. These organizers have their own compact storage, wall packets and as mentioned, come in different sizes with various colors.

2. Anti Theft Shoulder Strap



Travelon’s stand in all of their products is to make traveling safer and easier. Their special product, the anti-theft shoulder strap, stands by that with its slash-resistant cable that prevents the strap from being cut off by anyone. In the Philippines, this is a must for traveling, especially in unsafe areas.

Its shoulder pad is made from top-grain leather and has non-slide surfaces for safer use. Most of all, it’s smooth glide and adjustable, so it can be used in various ways.

1. Anti-Theft Bags

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Travelon’s Anti Theft Bags are a must-have simply because they’re the ideal travel bag. Each bag is made out of cut proof straps, locking zippers and is slash proof constructed. The bags consists of lock down carabiners, RFIB blocking feature and a flashlight device to ensure your belongings are secured and convenient for you to find.


The bags also have a “shit moment blocker” compartment (yes, that’s what it’s really called) where you can store important files like your passport, wallet, and documents so you don’t ever have to go through a “oh shit I forgot this item” moment wherever you go.

These items from Travelon indeed make traveling more safe and easy.

The best part is that not only are they for traveling, but for everyday use as well so walking in the streets and unsafe areas won’t be as hard for you and your belongings.


3rd Floor, Building D, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong