5 Things We Love About Love, Agnessi

5 Things we love about Love, Agnessi

Valentine’s season never fails to make couples scramble to their feet (and wallets!) to find the perfect gifts and whatnots to give to their partners. It’s a time of love, kilig, and stress, even for those who celebrate it with their family or friends. Luckily, I stumbled upon Love, Agnessi, an online shop that sells fudgy, freshly-baked cookies that are sure to satisfy the cookie cravings of anybody’s heart. Here are 5 things I love about it, and I’m sure you will, too, especially at the end of this article: 

5 Things We Love About Love, Agnessi


5.  It’s a family thing.

The business is mainly a collaboration of two sisters, Agnes and Carla Ong, who worked together from the conception of the products to the creative aspect of Love, Agnessi. Agnes is in charge of the baking and sales, while Carla is responsible for the designs you see on their packaging and the food styling that you see in some of their posts online. This is definitely a great way to maximise the talents of the family!


4. Their cookies are made with lots of love.

Love, Agnessi started way before matters of business were taken seriously. Like other food businesses, the hobby paved its way from having family and friends as the first clients to finally having their own identity in the industry. The name, “Love, Agnessi” comes from Agnes’ name, and the word “love” makes the business more personal, especially to its clients. 


3. Their bestsellers.

There’s no denying that chocolates win at life, just like the heavenly and sinful Triple Chunk, which is a chocolate-based dough loaded with dark, milk, and white chocolate. It’s one of the favourites and don’t forget the staple for every cookie lover, the classic Chocolate Chip cookies. Below is their updated price list for 2015:



2. They’re not your ordinary cookie treats.

In a sea of many cookie and homemade  businesses that flood our social media feeds, especially during the season of love and giving, Love, Agnessi sets itself apart from its competitors. Aside from using quality ingredients like imported chocolates from the US and Canada, as well as supporting local farmers, what hooked me is that they’re very particular about the cacao content of the chocolates that they use for their preservative-free cookies.

For those who are looking for that delicious, dark, and a tad bit bitter taste, their cookies are perfect for you — not too sweet, and definitely not too basic. Oh, and did I mention that they’re not limited to the usual box of 12? Love, Agnessi believes that you deserve more than a dozen, thus the boxes of 14 and 16!


1. It is easy to spread the love with Love, Agnessi.

This February, Love, Agnessi is launching limited edition heart cookies that comes in boxes with a minimum of 3 pieces. The prices are as follows:

Box of 3 pcs:
Chocolate Chip hearts: PHP 290/box
Double Chocolate hearts: PHP 325/box
Half and Half hearts: PHP 340/box

Additional piece:
Chocolate Chip: PHP 100/ piece
Double chocolate: PHP 110/piece
Half and Half: PHP 115/piece
Love, Agnessi

Love, Agnessi is giving out a box of three half and half hearts cookies for ONE lucky winner to be delivered on Valentine’s Day right here!

  • Giveaway is open to Manila residences only
  • The name of the winner will be announced on 12PM of February 11
  • Contest runs from February 7 (Saturday) to 12 AM of February 11 (Wednesday)

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5 Things We Love About Love, Agnessi


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