Learn Food Styling and Food Photography at 50 Feasts!


When in Manila and very curious to learn about the art of FOOD STYLING and Food Photography,  brace yourself  to what me and my photo buddy Frank are about to show you! It was indeed a very interesting and memorable weekend for both of us and I’m sure you’ll find it equally amazing as well!




What is FOOD STYLING anyway? It is the art of presenting food for any kind of media whether commercial or photography!
So if you’re into culinary, a food blogger or a passionate photographer like us who aim to shoot professional quality food shots, then we highly recommend you enroll at 50 Feasts!



50 Feasts is the only photography education place in the Philippines that specializes in food photography and styling!


At last! A Food Photography school right here in Manila!


I’m so glad that the guys from PhotoKitchen finally decided to offer these classes for enthusiasts like us!


Frank and I were just sooooo captivated by their blog that we became instant fans! The PhotoKitchen team is composed of a very talented trio (Mylene Chung, Dwight Co & Katherine Jao), each pouring their hearts and talents in producing world class stunning  food photos!



meet the PhotoKitchen team!!! Mylene, Dwight and Kat



I believe that these brilliant young people truly deserve support! Our country needs more people like them! Seriously!


Frank and I are very much influenced by them so it was truly an honor to finally meet our “idols” in the flesh! We’re so fascinated by Mylene’s shots and Kat’s highly artistic creations! yeeeeyy!!!


Last weekend (Oct 22-23), we had the chance to attend their 1st ever Food Styling class which was conducted by PhotoKitchen’s brilliant Food Artist Katherine Jao! She taught us the fundamentals of Food Styling. We styled all sorts of dishes for 2 full days! Phew! It was all worth it for we learned so many secret stuff ..… the tricks of the trade!


The experience was like, “OH MY GOD! So that’s how it’s done!!”






With using only the freshest ingredients…






along with some secret tricks… hihiihihihi






Turn any dish into a work of art!






Make your favorite spreads…….



peanut butter



cream cheese




….. look like  these yummy treats!!







Learn how to style your pastas for that “cook book” look!



patience is a virtue…








Know the trick on how to make your drinks look cooler and thirst quenching as these………..










Learn how to fold your cold cuts….






…and turn them into gourmet looking deli sandwiches like these!







Ever wondered  how to make fake ice cream



amazing right? hihihihi




Take note: it ain’t mashed potatoes! Haha!




it’s a secret!





 Learn  how to make perfect Scrambled Eggs and make them look ever so gorgeous!







Know the secret on how to make picture perfect pancakes  as well!!







Finally, turn this ordinary chicken ….





into a masterpiece!






 Learn these and a whole lot more!!!


It’s not as easy at it seems! It requires a lot of patience, creativity and resourcefulness in order to get the best results!



with classmate Tracie



On a personal note, I may say that this is one of the most interesting classes I’ve attended! Kat  Jao (our teacher) was very hands on to ensure that each one of us fully understood every step.We sure had so much fun! Their studio looked very conducive for learning and creating art! It had lots and lots of natural light so it was such a delight to click and click our shutters! Mylene took photos of our masterpieces after class and I can’t wait to see them!   We find the Food Styling class to be very magical! I felt like I was in a sorcery class at Hogwart’s!! ahahahaha It was such an honor to meet  and get to know them!  It was indeed one of the best weekends we’ve ever had!



experience this one of a kind class!



Reward yourself by learning something new and out of the ordinary.  Enrich your mind with more knowledge and develop your skills.  This is an investment that can never be taken away from you!  This is really something worth learning when in Manila!



Thank You so much 50 Feasts for this one of a kind experience!



They offer only a maximum of 6 people per class so I suggest you check out their site and sign up now!!!!!



sign up now!



50 Feasts

Unit 19, Lumier Realty Bldg, 285 P Guevarra St. San Juan City
email: contact@50feasts.com
contact nos : 723-76-30, 985-48-08 or 0917 853-62-15

 Check out the 50 Feasts  Blog




To view more photos, kindly visit EATS A DATE!




Learn Food Styling and Food Photography at 50 Feasts!

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