5 Things I Learned from My Former Bosses

Let’s face it: we’ve all had terrible experiences with our bosses. Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2 have both been on point, but I think it’s not really about them being bad bosses, but more about misunderstandings and personalities clashing.

I have been working for 6 years now. I’ve had 6 full-time jobs and over 20 part-time jobs. I think I had my fair share of horrible workmates, but I am lucky enough to have had amazing bosses. They’ve been really good mentors and have helped me in all of my work adventures. Here are some of the things that I’ve learned from them.

5 Things I Learned from My Former Bosses

5. Time is of the essence.

My very first job was as a Business News Reporter and I can vividly remember how my boss asked me if I smoke cigarettes. I said ‘No’ and he explained to me how it’s a waste of time. From our office, you have to go down 7 floors just to get to the smoking area. ‘That’s around 20 minutes. You have to wait for the elevator, smoke cigarettes, and wait for the elevator again. Since we were working in the news department, time and timing werepretty important. You had to be available to write and publish breaking news as soon as possible.

Since then, I learned how to give importance to people’s time and try my best to have perfect timing in everything I do. I always believed in ‘The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing’.

4. Work-Life balance is important.

So many people say how you have to find a job you love, so you won’t feel like work is work. It is important to have fun and to love what you do and that is exactly what I learned from my former boss.

Despite the crazy work load and the deadlines we had at our Editorial Job for a magazine, our Editor made it a point to collaborate with people on the projects we were working on. She also made sure that we still had time to socialise, whether for work or after work.

3. Work, work, work.

I know I am not the most brilliant employee and working under the Marketing VP can be a lot of pressure, but my 3 years with this boss and this television network was nothing short of amazing. I can say I learned so much from that job because I was there the longest, but it’s actually because I learned how to work hard. It has always been clear to me that hard work will pay off. Each day may be a struggle while working, but the fruits of your labor will always be worth it.

I experienced whole day meetings, 1-week events and of course, no sleep; but during these days, I also learned that nothing will ever come easy. You have to work for everything you want, need and wish for.

2. Keep positive.

There is nothing worse than working in a bad environment. When I talk to friends, they always complain about their workmates they don’t like and these kinds of gossips and issues make a workplace hostile, leading to non-productive people. My boss at a famous publishing company always promoted Good Vibes Only. He wanted everyone to be more open to suggestions and collaborative projects between employees and other departments.

1.Work smart.

Last but definitely not the least is something that I learned from our boss here at wheninmanila.com. He always teaches us how to work smarter, work our way around issues and work through problems. For a company that is constantly evolving and growing, working smart is definitely one of the most important things to do. Working smart may vary depending on what kind of job a person has, but for me, it means finding different ways and approaches on certain things.

Bosses can stress you out sometimes, but it is just a friendly reminder of the things you have to do. Though a job can be difficult sometimes, you and your boss should be working towards one goal. Bosses can learn a thing or two from you, and you can learn from them, too. It’s just like any other relationship – give and take.

What are some of the things you have learned from your bosses?

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