Power Dressing The Easy Way: 6 Tips To Dress Like A Boss

 It only takes 7 seconds to create an impression.

That’s right, seven seconds! While I would definitely agree with you that beauty is skin deep, you definitely want to put your best foot forward when meeting at the workplace, by reflecting your best assets in your physical appearance as well. This means creating and developing your professional style that best shows who you are! 

La Vie power dressing 

At the La Vie Institute, we are taught to create an impact in every aspect of the word– from how you look, to how you speak, and how you present your ideas across. If being fasyon at the workplace intimdates you, not to worry. We’ve put together six easy tips to dress like a boss we learned from La Vie Institute, in order to power dress for success!


Power Dressing The Easy Way: 6 Tips To Dress Like A Boss

6. Find out whether you’re “warm” or “cold”!

La Vie powerdressing warm cool

Warm or cold?? Is there such a thing?? I know, it didn’t make sense to me at first! But apparently, the undertone of your skin can be classified as either warm or cold, which can help guide you find the right colors that would look good on you!

Those with warm undertones look great in warm, earthy, “autumn-like” colors such as red, brown, orange, taupe, moss green, while cool undertones look best in colors that have a blueish hue to them like fuschia pink, blue, aqua, and lavender.


5. Stay away from designs that are too “young”.

La Vie too young clothing power dressing

 Ruffles, tea skirts, and anything in light, bouncy fabric might look great… at a tea party. In the workplace, they don’t give quite the impression you’re going for if you’re trying to command power. Leave the bow headband for the park, and go for cleaner, more streamlined cuts with more structured fabric.


4. Don’t be afraid of heels!

 La Vie powerdressing heels

A lot of girls I know are afraid to wear heels, especially those who have been used to sneakers or flats all their lives! But not only do heels add height and exude authority, they also create great posture and keep your look polished. If the thought of wearing heels intimidates you, no sweat! You don’t need to wear sky-high stilettos, even 1-inch kitten heels will do the trick.


3. ALWAYS make sure your clothes fit PERFECTLY.

Princess Letizia Attends Audiences at Zarzuela Palace

This may seems like such a basic rule, but it’s one of the most overlooked! Especially for guys who think that they can get away with tucking in a shirt that’s 2 sizes too big for them, or wearing suits bought off the rack! Make sure that your clothes, especially those for work, fit like a glove! Sleeves should end right at the shoulders, while the cuffs of your shirts should fall just by the edge of your palms.

While girls can get away with a little more when it comes to wearing blazers, it’s also important that the dresses you wear are not TOO tight, which may hug at the wrong places and have your undergarments traced, immediately destroying a professional look. Leave the cocktail dresses for parties, ladies!


2. When it comes to your hairstyle, neat and polished is the way to go. 

La Vie hair

We love to experiment with our hair, but funky hairstyles, full bangs, and even those big mermaid curls you love aren’t going to cut it at the workplace! Opt for sleek, polished and neat hairstyles that don’t look out of place or that cover your face too much. Sleek bobs, neat ponytails, and soft layers are great looks to try. Kate Middleton’s soft blowout is a beautiful hairstyle that shows off power, poise, and femininity!

Urban Fringe Salon

If you absolutely can’t stand “boring” hair, and you love styling your hair in various ways, the best compromise is to go for a versatile haircut. This allows you to style it neatly during the day, but is long and flexible enough to style in a trendier look on the weekends.


1. Quality over quantity; classics over trends!

Grace Kelly classic style icon

Have you ever looked at photos in the ’50s and wondered how they can still afford to look so good until now? In the era of fast fashion, it’s easy for us to simply buy the hottest thing on the racks, not caring whether it will go out of style next season. But power dressing is all about longevity– like your career, you’re in it for the long run, and your threads should definitely reflect that! Opt for classic investment pieces that you can mix and match together, over the trendiest pieces in shops that you have to get rid of after a few months because there’s another trend along. Like Taylor Swift says best, the classics never go out of style!


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