5 Super Simple Apps You Can Teach Your Lolo and Lola at Home

Filipinos all have one or two grandparents at home. They may have just turned 60 or are well into their 80s, but one thing is common: they all love the game you taught them, Candy Crush.


They love it so much that it annoys you when all you want is to just talk. Just like when you’re out on a date and the guy just won’t stop texting. This time, our Lolos and Lolas just won’t stop playing. 



Even jolly old Santa Claus has turned into an addict!

They have turned into Candy Crush addicts and it’s annoying!! Plus, they get the Candy Crush Syndrome:

Symptoms include excessive snoring, sleepiness during daytime and a pinch of grumpiness.

Here are 5 Apps that you can teach your grandparents that will take their attention off of Candy Crush:

5 Super Simple Apps You Can Teach Your Lolo and Lola at Home

5. Instagram

Lolos and Lolas just love pictures, especially pictures of their apos – and your baby pictures, as well. Teach them the basics of uploading, following and liking.

Save filters and stories during the next round of lessons.

4. Pic Collage

Your grandparents are now familiar with Instagram. It’s now time to teach them how to make collages like they used to do with the photo albums back in the day.

3. Pinterest

Our grandparents are the original lifehackers. They love to do research about home remedies. This includes alternatives to cleaning aids and cures for the grandkids. Pinterest delivers with really beautiful images. Let your Lola do some pinning.

2. Colorfy

Color your life with Colorfy!25

Sometimes our grandparents get really bored and a great way for them to occupy their time is through coloring books. This app is the answer. Plus, Lola wouldn’t complain that she’s spending extra just for her coloring book. You know how much she hates wasting money.

(READ: Trending App: Colorfy Adult Coloring Book App)

1. YouTube

Surprised? Remember why our seniors would love Pinterest? YouTube can teach them how to make the hacks they learned through Pinterest. It’s really simple and there are endless videos on every topic you can think of. They can also relearn old crafts that they used to do.

These apps may take their attention, but they are still a new way to start our seniors talking again. Plus, you will have a new follower to like your posts and pin your images. 🙂

Let us know in the comments if there are any other apps you think our senior citizens would love.

P.S. Teach with patience. 🙂 Enjoy!


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