5 Sulit Money Tips for Filipinos Adapting to the New Normal

COVID-19 has introduced us to the concept of a “new normal”. Though it may be a hard pill to swallow, all we can really do now is face reality and accept that life as we know it will be completely different now.


However, regardless the circumstance, there is no reason to feel hopeless. By welcoming this change with a positive mindset, Filipinos can flourish once again. This transition is made even easier with the help of brands that continue to support our countrymen in adapting to the new normal.

Here are some kering-keri solutions for Filipinos on adapting to the new normal, with the help of some local brands.

5. Ensure budget for daily needs


One of the biggest challenges Filipinos are currently facing is on how to make ends meet. Many Pinoys are feeling the stress of inadequate financial resources due to the pay cuts, the layoffs, and the economic challenges of the pandemic.

But there are many companies willing to extend a hand. Villarica Pawnshop, for example, offers financial solutions for those in need of extra budget. The brand offers pawning services with great flexibility in terms of accepted items, as well as high appraisal rates and low interest rates with no hidden charges. A trusted pawning brand, with Villarica Pawnshop, cash emergencies can be easily solved.

4. Support each other


In this trying time, connecting with our loved is often the thing that gets us through the most. Aside from pawning services, Villarica Pawnshop also offers domestic and international money remittances with low transaction rates that help Pinoys cash-in or send money to loved ones. This is made even easier through the brand’s partnership with G-cash and other international remittance businesses.

Moreover, families and friends can also exchange foreign currencies without worry, through Villarica’s currency exchange service that boasts of competitive rates. Adapting to the new normal means sometimes leaning on others for support, whether that’s your loved ones or a brand that you can trust.

3. Go for quality and affordability on the road

Global Oil

Public transportation is one of the industries that took a big hit from COVID-19. For months, many public utility vehicle operators were not allowed to run in the streets. Now, the IATF has released a mandate that requires reduced passenger capacity in order to ensure physical distancing. Given this, many operators have started to look for more affordable fuels in order to reduce costs, without sacrificing engine performance.

Thankfully, there is Global Oil, a reliable gas station that provides quality but affordable fuels in the metro for PUV operators and for private motorists. They have Euro 5 fuels priced affordably to ensure that even the general public can take good care of their engines.

2. Transpo? GO for more savings

As a gesture of bayanihan, Global Oil Station also launches weekly promos and discounts, with the intent to further lower transportation costs to help our countrymen. As a result, in the past few months, more and more Filipinos have turned to Global Oil as their choice of gas station. Truly, it is in little acts of bayanihan like this that Filipinos can overcome this challenge.

1. Simplify your way of life

Villarica Services

The current situation is filled with complications, so a wise solution to counter this is to find ways to live simply. Need an uncomplicated way to access your money? Villarica Pawnshop has a POS withdrawal and bills payment service that lets you pay your bills or withdraw money using any ATM card with ease. In fact, they have more than 100 partner merchants for bills payment that can help with hassle-free transactions.

Thankfully, with companies like Villarica Pawnshop and Global Oil stepping up to help Filipinos cope with the pandemic, transitioning into the new normal can be made easier and less stressful for our kababayans.

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