We Asked People: “What Do You Hope Filipinos Will Learn Through This COVID Crisis?” and the Answers Will Move You

With the current COVID-19 virus sweeping across the whole world, many aspects of people’s lives (if not the whole of it) have been affected—some maybe even changed for good. This crisis can’t help but make us think about our ways of life that we didn’t realize, not until this pandemic, were not working.

And here in the Philippines, the things that need to be changed are more evident than ever. Our faults as individuals and as part of a larger community, more undeniable. And as with any crisis, this is the time to reflect on lessons that need to be learned, so we can move forward stronger and better than ever.

So we asked our readers: “What do you hope Filipinos will learn through this crisis? What needs to be changed?” and the answers of our fellow Pinoys will move you. Below are 19 of our most favorite responses.

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19. “I hope this pandemic makes people realize to vote for better and compassionate leaders. We need smart leaders that know how to do their jobs properly. #ForABetterPhilippines”


18. “That the health care system will be prioritized by the government. That Filipinos will learn to save for times such as this. To never take anything for granted.”


17. “Mag-ipon.”


16. “To have discipline and learn to follow rules.”


15. “I hope Filipinos gain the understanding that holding our government accountable for its mistakes and actions amid a pandemic is not akin to useless complaining—democracies are built on discourse and the will of the people.”

—Kela Zulueta

14. “Unity, the value of financial literacy, the importance of research and development, learning urban farming to have sustainable resources, and wala sanang mag FO (friendship over) kung hindi kayo pareho ng political view, allegience, or whatever you call it. Madami kasi akong nawitness na nagkasiraan ng pagkakaibigan dahil dyan.”

—Jeff Rante

13. “I hope each one of us won’t take our health for granted.”


12. “In crisis, stop politics and help each other out. Unify and find solutions.”


11. “Ang gusto ko makita eh…ang pagbabago ng Pilipino sa katigasan ng ulo.”


10. “Stop crab mentality.”


9. “The ‘pwede pala’ and ‘kaya pala’ mentality.”


8. “Hygiene improvement on physical and social, savings on personal, and vote importance on political, and environmental awareness.”


7. “That Filipinos will learn to be part of the solution than just be complaining.”


6. “To develop feasible business and community continuity plans not just in the face of a pandemic but also to better prepare at times of natural disasters and other emergency situations.”


5. “Taking good care of ourselves more, realizing that above money and work, there is also health and safety. Help others when you can.”


4. “Would like to see national leaders be more open to tapping new technologies and social media in tracking, calling out, and taking action against corruption and patronage politics at all government levels.”


3. “I hope that the huge willingness to help and share will be around even after the whole pandemic. It’s evident (and so heartwarming!!!) that so many people are really willing to donate and help in any way, monetary or not, big or small, so sana kahit wala na yung ganitong crisis, that heart of service will still be there and be just as strong.”

—Ninz Alamar

2. “After this, let’s all get healthy and bawi tayo sa next election.”


1. “Learn to embrace the new normal. Parang matagal pa matatapos to.”


*Some responses have been edited to improve clarity and brevity. 

How about you? What do you hope Filipinos will learn from this COVID crisis we are currently facing? Tell us in the comments—we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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