5 Struggles of the Gunpla Builder

I love Gunpla! I’ve been very much into the hobby since mid-2014, smack right in the middle of college. It was back then that I almost built one Real Grade kit every two weeks (and no, I didn’t exactly have to go through a diet consisting of merely crackers, thankfully). However, times have changed.

As I continued on into the hobby, things eventually slowed down for me. With a more manageable pace, I started to see more struggles that probably every Gunpla enthusiast has gone through, and may very well still be going through. Here are 5 struggles that I’d like to share:

5 Struggles of the Gunpla Builder

5. You’ll hear your wallet cry every time you buy a kit.

The RG Gundam Astraea Type F is one of my holiday hauls for 2017, and it certainly did not come cheap. *wallet sobs*

Affordability is relative to the hobbyist in question. In some cases like mine, though, I kinda live by the saying “Treat yourself.” While I do stay away from more expensive purchases like Master Grades, I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to buying this sort of stuff. Your impulsiveness may vary.

4. You’ll eventually run out of display space.

The SD-EX Standard Gundam Exia is one of the last kits I needed to complete all 15 SD’s.

My office desk, in particular, has all 15 SD-EX Gunpla currently available, with little space left for my mug and a picture frame. My RG collection, on the other hand, has each model individually packed since I’m still figuring out a way to get myself a nice display shelf.

3. There are kits that you simply won’t finish immediately.

My RG 00 Raiser (just the 00 Gundam, in this photo) is in dire need of panel lines.

Most of my kits suffer from this problem. Just take a look at my RG 00 Raiser. I acquired it back in December 2016 and haven’t gotten to detailing it with lining markers.

My RG Strike Rouge minus the I.W.S.P. pack. I’m not sure myself as to when I’ll be able to finally finish this one.

Heck, my RG Strike Rouge + I.W.S.P., which I got around a year ago, still has some unbuilt parts.

The frame of the RG Mk-II Titans that I built over the Chinese New Year holiday. I got the kit a week before that. As of writing, I haven’t made progress on it, still.

Even my RG Gundam Mk-II Titans that I recently got is far from finished with only the frame finished!

2. Backlogs, backlogs, backlogs.

My current backlog. I have three more kits on the way. Will I be able to finish all of these before the year ends?

What’s worse than unfinished kits? Backlogs of unbuilt ones. Having a day job means that you won’t be home most of the time. A collector like me can only build so much Gunpla. The sad part? You’ve probably already ordered more, and they’re probably on their way as we speak.

1. The bane of a collector’s existence: “exclusives” and “limited editions”

Limited Edition RG kits: The RG Casval Gundam, and the RG Gundam G3.

The only thing that gets me more than new releases are these elusive and expensive kits. P-Bandai exclusives, Gundam Front Tokyo exclusives, Gunpla Expo exclusives… these kits are treated as objects of envy more often than not. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, BANDAI!

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My fave P-Bandai RG: The Karaba Zeta

Despite all of this, however, the Gunpla hobby is something that I always go back to. I’ve been known within my circles as a Gundam nut, and I guess it’s difficult to let go of something you already are. I love Gunpla and I don’t think I’ll quit the hobby anytime soon. Now excuse me as I pack up for the Gunpla Expo.


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