Are You a Gundam Fan? Then You Can’t Miss Out on the Gunpla Expo!

If you’re a fan of the anime Gundam, you shouldn’t miss the Gunpla Expo, the official Gundam extravaganza by Bandai for fans around the world. Each year, countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia hold the expo every year, which are attended by its legions of fans. This weekend, the Philippines will be holding its second Gunpla Expo and it’s going to be super exciting!

This year’s Gunpla Expo will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Main Mall Atrium from February 25 to March 7, and here are four things to look out for when you go:

5. You can see a cute Beargguy diorama on display

Fans of the Beargguy won’t be disappointed as there will be a diorama on display, featuring a group chilling by a waterfall. It’s beautifully made and would make a perfect photo or selfie!

4. A perfect grade Gundam Exia exhibit

What would a Gundam event be without an exhibit of some of the most beautiful models? At the Gundam Exia exhibit, you can check out the models on display and marvel at the craftsmanship on how they were made. Seeing all these will make you want to buy more for your collection!

3. A wide range of Gundam model kits

Thankfully, you can also buy model kits at the event! There will be dozens of kits available during the event and you can finally buy that model kit you’ve been dreaming of. But make sure to get it right away before someone else does. Remember, this is the biggest Gundam event of the year so expect thousands of fans to come and buy model kits.

2. Gunpla Expo limited edition items

If you’re a seasoned collector, fret not because there will also be limited edition items that you may not have at home yet. The great thing is that the items come in various price points so you can get a model kit based on your budget!

1. A 3-meter tall Gundam Exia statue

Perhaps the highlight of Gunpla Expo, besides being surrounded by great models and passionate fans, is the 3-meter tall Gundam Exia statue. And the best part, you can take a selfie with it!

So if you’re a superfan of the show, you know where to be this weekend!

Philippine Gunpla Expo 2018


Address: SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall Atrium

Dates: February 25-March 7, 2018


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