5 Reasons Why YUCA Could Be Your New Favorite South American Restaurant

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Are you planning a fun night out with friends? Or do you just want to chill while enjoying some good food and good conversations with your besties?

After riding the gorgeous gondola in the middle of Venice Grand Canal Mall and watching a movie at their cinemas, check out this new restaurant on their ground floor: YUCA. YUCA is Ms. Geraldine Mangudadatu’s first restaurant after she partnered with Cong. Zahid “Dong” Mangudadatu. The place serves Latin American foods greatly influenced by Mexico, Argentina, and Peru.


According to Ms. Geraldine, she chose South American/Latin vibes as an inspiration for her first restaurant because she loved watching Latin telenovelas growing up, making her fall in love with their culture. Making this restaurant is the closest thing that she could do to have it close to home.

Well, we really felt at home during our first visit at her cozy restaurant.

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Yuca serves a wide array of Latin dishes, but what made their restaurant stand out among the others is that they serve interesting dishes. Here are some reasons why you should visit YUCA with a great company of friends.

5 Reasons Why YUCA Could Be Your New Favorite South American Restaurant

5. The menu is a conversation starter.

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After looking at their menu, I had no idea what I to order. While their menu is pretty straightforward and only has a few choices in it, don’t be fooled. Each dish’s ingredients are unique, making you wonder what your choice will taste like.

4. Their staff will make you feel at home.


A warm smile and a lively greeting will meet you at the doors of YUCA! The staff isn’t just friendly and accommodating, either. What surprised me most is that they all know every single detail of their dishes by heart. They are not just your regular staff because they know what they are doing well! (Kudos to their trainers!)

3. They have a great view of the Venice Grand Canal.


If you want to relax and dine while watching gondolas drift back and forth in the canal, YUCA has a great view of the mall’s main attraction. Invite your special someone to share a romantic dinner with you at YUCA’s cocktail tables outside.

2. They serve flavorful dishes.

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We didn’t try everything on the menu, but most of the dishes that I did get to try were awesome. Also, their drinks vary depending on whether you want a chill drink or want to walwal the night away (walwal responsibly, though).

1. It is a great place to reconnect with friends.


If you want to have a great time over drinks and foods without bothering to check your phones, YUCA is the perfect place to keep you distracted from checking your notifications. Just bring some good company and you’re good for your whole stay in the restaurant.


Are you dying to check out YUCA yet? You can find them on the ground floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall; they’re the one with the pretty bright interiors visible from the outside.

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