5 Reasons Why Gel Polish Fits Every Lifestyle

Nearly everyone from all walks of life are busy every day due to the demands of life. Because of this, I’m sure having our nails done isn’t usually on the top of our to-do list. Also, we don’t always have the leisure of time to frequently visit nail spas because of chipping nail polishes which, let’s face it, isn’t appealing. The solution? It’s simple! Have your nails done at Nail-a-holics and be sure to use the EZ Flow TruGel Nail Polish!

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Nail-a-holics is now catering a new product line under their wing called the EZ Flow TruGel Nail Polish. I got the chance to experience the product and here are the reasons why I think you should have it on your nails, too! Oh, and honestly, you should definitely have it done at Nail-a-holics because the whole nail thing is a simultaneous process with rest and relaxation. I love how they give you loads of pillows while they do your nails!

IMG_1434EZ Flow TruGel’s new colors


5 Reasons Why Gel Polish Fits Every Lifestyle


5. Fast application

Modern lifestyle is always fast-paced. If you’re a person who’s always on-the-go then applying EZ Flow TruGel Nail Polish is the thing for you. With the entire process including the cleaning, the process lasts about an hour the most. When I had my nails done, I shifted between conversing with a friend and updating my social media accounts. The accommodating and friendly staff who worked on my nails shifted between my left and right hand until she said, “ma’am, tapos na po.” Honestly, I was surprised it finished that fast! Based on previous experiences of accompanying friends to have their nails done, it didn’t finish as fast as mine did.

IMG_1461Intricate nail art by Jonathan (@nailcornernails on IG) on black EZ Flow TruGel nail polish

4. Normal-functioning hands right after the process

Don’t you hate how after putting on nail polish hinders you to continue working on the things you have to do? Even the simple task of picking up your phone (or anything else, really) is a pain! With gel polish, say goodbye to such pains! When I had my nail spa session at Nail-a-holics Gateway, I hadn’t taken a lot of photos yet. I was worried about experiencing the struggles of wet nail polish afterwards but it didn’t happen! The moment the process ended, I could fully use my hands to work around.


3. There are colors and types to fit your mood and style

There are so many types and colors to choose from! There are over 180 colors ranging from crazy neons to formal nudes. They also have the glittered polishes and matte to fit whatever taste you have at any given moment of wanting to have your manicure or pedicure. During my session at Nail-a-holics Gateway, it took me about fifteen minutes and constant asking-arounds before finally settling on one color.


2. It’s okay to get addicted!

The best thing about gel polish especially EZ Flow TruGel is that it’s super safe on your nails that even if you want to change colors every three days or so, it’s okay! In fact, Nail-a-holics already had their own share of customers who actually have their nail polish changed around twice every week. It’s safe, it’s fast to apply, and it’s fast to dry so even those on-the-go can frequently have their nails done.


1. It’s long-lasting

On the other hand, if you’re not the type who wants to change colors every now and then, it’s still okay! Gel polishes last for a really long time and it takes a special solution to have it taken off. You don’t have to worry about chipped nails anymore and you don’t have to panic about having to go nail spas because gel polishes can assure that you’ll have beautiful nails for weeks.

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Do you want to have beautiful and colorful nails, too? Then head over to Nail-a-holics until July 31, 2015 to avail of their 20% off on gel manicure and gel pedicure promo!



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