Ms. In Action: Get Busy in Style

COLORFUL, CLASSY and FRESH. Three words that best describe the latest back-to-back spring/summer collection of Ms. In Action. I love how their pieces can easily go from chic casual to elegant and sexy. If you’re like me and are the type of girl who’s always got her hands full with work, school or crazy weekends and the in-betweens, then girl, you’d better not miss these fabulous pieces from my new found brand, Ms. In Action! Not only do their clothing pieces define style, but the fit of each garb I tried on is superb. Their clothes are perfect for our busy yet fashionable and sexy lifestyles.



Ms. In Action is operated by Mia Jeanjaquet. As early as 13, she already knew she wanted to become a fashion designer. It all started out with prom gowns that eventually blossomed into an intense passion. Jenny Packham of Vogue Magazine and Michelle Panemanglor of Project Runway are her top inspirations (Well, aside from Zac Efron. Haha!) In 2013, the birth of Ms. In Action came about. Mia herself, conceptualizes and sketches her own designs and picks all the materials and fabric. She’s even the one styling and shooting the photos for Ms. In Action. Truly, the name of the brand suits her as she describes herself as a one-woman circus and enjoys doing things on her own.

One of the best things about Ms. In Action is that their clothes are budget-friendly, ranging from P650 to P1250. And I gotta say, the quality of clothing is the same as the stores in malls without being overpriced. 


Size: S & M 


Cropped tops wereonce extremely popular in the ‘80s and since two years ago, the fashion trend has embraced this style yet again. Well, good for me because cropped tops are on my list of favorites! They allow you to showcase your abs (which I am TRYING to work on. Haha!), especially now that the summer season is here. Rock this piece and look without exposing too much by pairing it with high waist trousers.





Size: S & M


Want to flaunt those sexy curves of yours? This figure hugging, curve loving bodycon dress is something you’d see me wear very often. It never goes out of style. 

Also, I just love how this Peony Backless Dress can be sweet and sexy at the same time. From the floral print to its sexy back, it’s something I’d wear on a date when I want to show off a bit of my skin. It’s a dress that will make you say, “wait ‘til you see the back”.


Ms_In_Action_OOTD_07THREE-WAY DRESS | P1050

Size: S & M


Are you looking for the perfect day-to-evening dress? Well, this is it, ladies. Put a coat over this Three-Way Dress and you’ll look chic and corporate; take the coat off and you can look fab partying the night away.


Ms_In_Action_OOTD_06WHITE WRAP DRESS | P1180

Size: S & M 


Go to a party and expect to attract all eyes to you with this White Wrap Dress, also available in black. I gotta say the fit of this piece is superb and this white dress doesn’t show the world what’s underneath (if you know what I mean, ladies).  😉



Size: S & M


Going back to basics with this high waist knee length pencil skirt paired with a cropped top. May it be at work or ata party, this skirt is perfect if you feel like emphasizing your shape and curves from the waist down to your butt and legs. If you want your waist to look smaller and want to hide the lower stomach, this piece is perfect for you!

 Ms_In_Action_OOTD_01KIMONO | P950

Free Size 


I just found the perfect combination of both casual and comfortable in this oversized kimono. This cover-up gives the impression of an effortless and relaxed flair while staying stylish at the same time.

For all the fashion-forward, sexy-confident and fun ladies out there, check out Ms. In Action’s collections!  Definitely a go-to shop for clothes which are both superb and chic.





Instagram: @msinaction 

Viber: +63 917 308 1127


Model: Inah Manalaysay


Instagram: @inah008


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