5 Reasons Why Some Couples Break Up During the Holidays

First off, here’s a disclaimer: I have left the Coupledom ages ago, so I have no personal experience to compare with today’s relationship incidences. What I have, though, are sad stories of ex-couples who pulled the plugs on their relationships around or during what should have been the happiest time of the year: the Christmas season.

I’ll spare you the details since some of them have already been re-enacted on TV dramas countless of times, much to the dissatisfaction of both single and “taken” viewers.

I guess I’ll just get down to business and list the common reasons why couples break up during the holiday season.

5 Reasons Why Some Couples Break Up During the Holidays?

5. Gift Expectations

I know this sounds immature, but believe me when I say that there are people who think gifts are more important than their significant others during Christmas. This is because they quantify the “love” of their partners based on the expense and effort that have been put on their presents.


It seems logical to me, but cases of breakups due to unmet gift expectations are actually the “dead end” of a partner’s patience in putting up with unappreciative and materialistic partners. It typically has a long backstory triggered by consistent annoyances of a partner’s attitude, especially in the gift-giving department.

4. Mismatched Schedules

It’s the busiest time of the year, and parties and getaways are being planned left and right. Since you won’t want to spend the season alone, you’ll move heaven and earth just to be with your partner, even if it means skipping your annual family tradition.

This may cause conflicts with your relatives and friends, and you’ll be sure to find yourself on the receiving end of their disgust, so you make amends with your significant other.


Sad to say, not all negotiations worked fine with those who have chosen to just end the relationship altogether to remove one string off themselves that tether them to an obligation.

3. Stress

This is apparent when a partner easily gets frustrated over the smallest of things. Traffic, endless queues or just plain work-related stress can drain one’s emotional stability. It gets worse when a partner adds to the stress by being demanding and irrational.


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2. The Self-Assessment Period

This is the time that you look back on your year – on school, career and relationships. It makes you ask questions like, “Was I happy this year?

” and “Do I still want this life next year?

” It makes you think about major decisions that in all probability will include your relationship with your partner. One ex-couple I know broke up during this season because they realized they weren’t happy anymore and wanted to start new lives apart.

1. Peer Pressure

You get to see your loved ones more frequently these days and truth be told: they have a lot of opinions. It’s that moment in your reunion when somebody gets critical about who you’re with. It leads you to reconsider your choices: “Am I dating the right person?” and “Is she/he the one I’m going to introduce to them as my husband/wife?”


This season is a bittersweet reminder that there are some people in our lives who are meant to come and go, but that the important ones remain. You can never actually tell when you decide to end it all with your partner; it just sort of comes unexpectedly. The only thing you can do is wish that both of you will do just fine after the breakup.

Got anything to add to the list? Share it with us!