5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars has been a classic hit for children and adults alike. The original trilogy from the 70s and 80s has bridged the gap between generations and its impact can still be felt until now. Just recently, the franchise has been revived to showcase the events that took place decades after the events in Episode VI. Along with the franchise’s revival, origin story-themed movies have since been introduced to shed light unto some unanswered questions over the years beginning with Rogue One.

If you’re like me who does not really have a lot of spare time to research about some origin inquiries then these origin-themed movies are the perfect way to quench your curiosity. Ever wondered how Han and Chewbacca met or where his last name came from? This movie answers it all.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch SOLO: A Star Wars Story

5. The casting for the movie is PERFECT

I couldn’t imagine a different actor playing Han Solo other than the legendary Harrison Ford, but Alden Ehrenreich certainly made me think otherwise. Even Mr. Ford approves of Ehrenreich’s performance and commended how he made the character his own.

Along with Alden Ehrenreich, the movie also stars Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra, Woody Harrelson as Beckett, and Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca.

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4. It will make you love Han and Chewbacca’s tandem even more.

The duo’s first encounter was one that was unlikely to spark a long-lasting friendship. I was actually a situation so unusual, you probably would not even see it coming. However, spoilers aside, this movie will actually make you love their tandem even more since you will see its roots and how everything all began.

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3. You’re going to understand it even if you haven’t seen other Star Wars films.

Since it’s an origin story, you’re not really required to have an idea of what comes after it. Having an idea of the reason for the origin story is definitely a bonus, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise; but for those people who haven’t had the time to watch the other movies but are interested in getting into the series, I recommend this movie to start things off.

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2. It’s not the usual Empire/Vader vs. Rebel Force movie.

SPOILER ALERT!! But if I remember correctly, there was not one appearance or mention of Darth Vader in the entire movie. It actually just focuses on Han Solo’s beginnings and later on shows his first encounter with the Rebel Force.

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1. It will help you understand the Star Wars universe.

As mentioned earlier, this movie will quench all of your Han Solo origin curiosities. Besides that, though, it will also help you understand how some things came about in the latter parts of the franchise and why Lando and Han even became friends in the first place. Also, this movie shows why Han loves the Millennium Falcon so much, as well as how he got his first ship.

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There you have it, folks: 5 reasons why you should watch SOLO: a Star Wars story. These reasons are solely based on my own perception of the movie and some other viewers might not have the same sentiments, but I think we all can agree that the movie was a nice addition to the Star Wars cinematic saga. I hope to see some more origin stories in the future and maybe a movie for Boba Fett?

Special thanks to PMCM Management and Resorts World Manila for the awesome screening last Wednesday.


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