5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Little Women’

It goes without saying that ‘Little Women’ is an excellent movie for fans of the 1995 version or fans of the novel. Even if you aren’t, though, you’re in for a treat!

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Little Women’

5. It’s a feel-good family movie.


‘Little Women’ is a story of hope, love, and family. The story is a timeless classic for all generations. It’s an excellent film for hopeless romantics, too; and this film is packed with love and life lessons.

So, if you’re looking for a heartwarming historical movie to watch during quarantine, ‘Little Women’ should be on your to-watch list. You can read the book first or watch the movie right away, but don’t forget to get some tissues ready!

4. The movie tackles real problems.


The best thing about this movie is that it tackles feminist themes, like women who work and are independent. While you don’t have to be a feminist to enjoy the movie, it’s still great to see a movie that educates the new generation on gender roles and expectations. It’s an inspiring movie for women and men of all ages. Since the movie is set during the Civil War, you will also learn a bit of history while you’re at it.

The film doesn’t only deal with feminist themes, either; it also deals with romance, life, death, family, and dreams. The lines in the movie will hit you like a train. It will make you laugh and cry. Despite being set in the 1800s, the film is still relevant to modern society, serving as an eye-opener for everyone.

3. It is aesthetically pleasing.


Greta Gerwig is known for her distinct, aesthetically pleasing films, such as ‘Lady Bird’. While watching ‘Little Women’, you can enjoy picturesque locations in Concord, Massachusetts. Every scene in the film looks like a dreamy painting. If you are an artist or aspiring director, get inspired by the film’s breathtaking scenes and learn a thing or two about the art of movie-making.

2. It has a powerhouse cast.


Some of the brightest stars in Hollywood star in ‘Little Women’, such as Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Timothee Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, and Laura Dern. What can you expect from all of them in one movie? Nothing but the best, of course! Even indie actresses Amy Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, and Louis Garrel offer up electric performances that made their characters memorable and relatable. Newcomer Amy Pugh even went viral for her unique and real portrayal of Amy Marsh.

1. It is written and directed by Greta Gerwig.

greta gerwig little women bts

If you’re familiar with the movie ‘Lady Bird’, then you’ve already heard of Greta Gerwig. (Did you know she used to be an indie actress?) As always, Greta exceeds expectations, making the movie fresh and relevant for today’s generation, and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Greta is a multi-talented filmmaker oozing with passion, and ‘Little Women’ is one of her films that you won’t regret watching. She beautifully captures the essence of the story. She is truly the epitome of a great female film director, who deserves recognition for being a game-changer in the film industry.

Have you watched ‘Little Women’ yet?

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